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How to record in google meet Easy Method

How to record google meet
How to record in google meet

How to record google meet ? The current covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to be locked down in their homes. But this was too little to stop people from meeting each other. The online meeting platforms, such as google meet, zoom, Microsoft teams, etc., popularity is been growing large ever since the day the world started closing down and started restricting meeting people for all and necessary purposes. The more professional term for the software would be online video conferencing platforms. A lot of platforms in the user market are being actively used in the current market. 

We already this platform could connect many people across the world at the same time. Saving us the traveling time and expenses. As we also know that international travel bans were implemented and many big MNCs had their offices around the globe. So, to follow the guidelines and still keep their work going on this way comes out helpful for them. Individuals could now not only connect at their leisure and from the comfort of their own homes, but they could also save time and money by helping to stem the spread of the coronavirus, commonly known as the covid-19.

What options are available to the user?

Depending upon the user’s need and flexibility the market has – zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams, Cisco WebEx, and many more innumerable platforms. Businesses, educational institutes, schools, colleges, and even governmental organizations have started using these platforms. There were many students and workers, employees and staff that were connecting in their workplaces but as we know this virus spreads from person to person the WHO asked everyone to implement social distancing. In this scenario to find How to record google meet you will be known in the coming steps.

Why a google meet is a good option?

Today we are going to talk about one such app that is currently very active in the market. Google meet – a product from the biggest IT Company in the world – google. It was launched by the company in March 2017. Currently, it is one of the largest used platforms, and not only that it is has a working app for IOS and Android with a web app too for more convenience providing the people to use on any operating system or any device. The platform had not only very similar features but now both exist as separate apps How to record google meet. And currently more than 10 crores meet are being organized using the platforms. Also, with rising securities issues in the zoom, the most popular choice of people at that time, people started looking for newer alternatives. One of such alternatives was google meet. 

The use cases

Initially, people had to pay for longer than the 60 minutes meeting which was later removed. And after March of 2020, it was maid completely free for anyone with just a google account. Though google collects the data of its users. Though it is not completely free. In the free version you can have up to 100 participants but the number of hosts was restricted to only one. Still, it is considered one of the best options as compared to the other technologies in the market. Google is considered very secure and it keeps your data safe and away from unwanted access. It collects data just for record-keeping and analytics of google. It can collect your IP address and the duration you attended the meet.

Google meet and recording it

The feature we are going to talk about is recording the google meet. –

The need for recording the google meet.

Recording the conference is very useful in the case of revisiting, making notes, clearing the points, and most of it eases out the process of maintaining records. Now a person does not have to physically take down the notes of the conference instead he can just turn on the recording feature present in the video conferencing software by google. 

Google officially provides the feature of recording the meeting. It can record the active speaker the presentation, which is being played during the meet, and also the video of the user who has turned on their camera and is speaking when no presentation is being played. But after the September of 2020, it was made paid feature. There are some prerequisites to record a meeting. For you to know How to record google meet with very simple steps.

The following are the requirements for recording the Google meeting:-

  1. The first and the foremost requirement is to have a google account if you don’t you can create it free of cost from this link – https://accounts.google.com/signup/v2/webcreateaccount?hl=en&flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=SignUp 
  2. Second, you need to have a g-suite subscription which if you don’t have you can buy from this link – https://workspace.google.com/pricing.html
  • Third, you need to have a stable and uninterrupted internet connection so that you can continue your meet with no issues and free-mindedly.
  • You also can log in to the google calendar it will save the date of your meeting wise this, in turn, will make you accessing your recorded meeting easily. This is purely optional in the case for any reasons if you don’t want to you skip it and for those who want to access it here is a link for you – https://www.google.com/calendar
How to record in google meet

Steps to record the google meet if you are hosting it-

  1. Open google meet. To make it easy here is a link for it- https://meet.google.com/
  2. You can either host or join a google meet
  3. On the google meet window, at the bottom, click Activities that will open a list menu from that select recording the hit the Start recording option. Your meeting will be started recording even if you leave the meet. You need to explicitly turn it off to stop the recording.

Other participants get notified about you recording the meet so make sure not to use it for wrong purposes. 

In case you are wondering the guide to stop the recording of the google meet is:

  1. Go back to the activities menu and select it once more.
  2. That recordings option you can select the stop recording option to stop the recording. 
  3. The meeting also stops if everyone in the meet leaves no doubt about that.

There are some other third-party tools too if you wish for:

You can use chrome extensions. Some chrome extensions are really handy if you want to record the google meet. Like –

  1. Enhancing Package for Google Meet

It has many features apart from you just recording the google meet

Like push-to-talk, quick leave, and many more 

You can download it from the chrome web store here is the link for you – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-meet-enhancement-s/ljojmlmdapmnibgflmmminacbjebjpno?hl=en

  • Tactiq

It is another great and free option provided you can use it sot free here is a link for it

–         https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tactiq-for-google-meet-tr/fggkaccpbmombhnjkjokndojfgagejfb?hl=en

  • Google Meet Push-To-Talk

It also has a third-party addon for recording meetings. Here is the link for it- https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-meet-push-to-talk/pgpidfocdapogajplhjofamgeboonmmj?hl=en

You can also use the screen recording software to record the meet. They come in really handy as they directly save the recording on your PC so your task becomes easy in the case when you don’t have an internet connection. If that is something that you want then we have some really good picks for you.

You can use third-party apps like – 

How to record in google meet
  • Free cam 

This is a free and great app that lets you record your google meet or any other screen. Also, this app provides you the options to record various qualities, you directly stream on YouTube and many other

  • Ezvid

This is another great option to record your meetings. 

Some questions that might cross your mind

Q1) Can a participant who has not hosted the meeting can record the meet?

Yes, indeed you can whether you have or have not hosted the meeting. All you need is to have the consent of all the participants then you can use any of the above-given methods and you are good to go. You can record the google meet.

Q2) where will be my recording saved? 

It depends on which method have you chosen from the above-given methods. Depending on that if you are using g-suite enterprises it will save your recorded meeting in the drive account as mentioned above.

How to record google meet ?

If you are using extensions some of them create a download link or else you can save them to your drive account too. So it depends on your liking and convenience. So chose the option accordingly

If you are using the screen recorder software then your recorded meeting can be directly saved on your current machine. Which you upload anywhere for future references. And that way it becomes very easy and convenient.

But make sure you do not use it to record the copyrighted content ask for the consent of the owner first hand. This should not be misused. We strongly support the right to privacy and this article.  How to record google meet is cleared now.


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