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How To Restring a Guitar Learn to Restring on Own

How To Restring a Guitar
How To Restring a Guitar

Guitarists are always on the prowl for tips on how to restring a guitar so that they can get back to playing their favorite songs again. Restringing a guitar basically is like making ornaments and then putting the body back on, but with a stretched-out guitar. The neck may be bent at an angle so that it will sit straight, and the frets may need to have some work done on them. If you’re not experienced at this kind of thing, you should not try this without getting some professional help. It can be very dangerous for you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

how to restring a guitar

The first step in how to restring a guitar involves finding the right tools. You need a jackhammer, pliers, a thong, and a string tweezers. The jackhammer can be a safety hazard since it has such a big weight that can accidentally come off when you’re pumping the other four strings. Use the pliers to pull the strings tight as you loosen them. If you have new strings set up, you’ll need tweezers to pull them tight, and the thong to scrape the excess strings out.

Remove the Bridge of your guitar :

Next, you’ll have to remove the bridge from the guitar. If you’ve ever had to remove a bridge before, then you know how much easier it is if the bridge is already disconnected from the machine heads. First, remove the string that backs up the bridge. You can use the string winder at your local music store to make it easier if you’re only replacing one or two strings.

How To Restring a Guitar

Remove Pegs :

Then, remove the tune ring from the tuning pegs next. You don’t want these pieces to get in the way of how you restring the guitar since they allow the strings to play clean notes. They also keep the tuners and bridge in place, so they don’t move around. Once you’ve unscrewed them, you can remove the whole ring from the tuning pegs and set them aside. Now, it’s time to remove the nuts that hold the string in place, since this will help you with the next step.

The bridge is a nut that holds the other strings in place, so it needs to be removed first. To do this, you just have to unscrew the nut and pull it straight out. Then, unbolt the nut and attach it to the restring pegs with new nuts. Put everything back together, and you’re ready for some guitar restringing.

How To Restring a Guitar

With your new restring job, mark where the circle is on the guitar using the dot or straight line. This will be used for the next step, which is cutting off the excess string. Start by cutting about 0.75 inches of the string at a time, because it can be difficult to do all at once. After the string is cut, detach it from the guitar body by loosening all of the tension with an adjustable wrench.

Put The bridge in the pegs :

Next, you can continue on with the restring a guitar by putting the bridge and the restring pegs together. Slide the restring onto the open spaces, and then screw the nut on. Tighten it as much as you can, depending on the instrument. Once you are satisfied that the guitar is now tightly Restring a guitar, you can start on the tuning pegs. Once they are all aligned, tighten them again, and attach them to the body of the guitar as well.

Before you can tune the guitar again, make sure that the tuning pegs are all facing the right way. If not, you can tilt the guitar back and restring it again. When you have performed all of this, remove all of the strings and then tune your guitar back to a good pitch. Play each string separately until you are comfortable with the sound, and then give it a few minutes to settle. Restringing a guitar is not difficult, and will allow your instrument to sound just like brand new, if you practice and follow the steps above.


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