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How to Select the Best Data Recovery Company?

How to Select the Best Data Recovery Company?

If you don’t have a habit of maintaining regular data backups, a hard drive crash or SD card corruption could lead to the loss of all your important files. No matter how latest or expensive your memory card, SSD, or hard drive is, there is always a risk of data loss. With the increasing rate of cyber attacks, there’s an even greater risk of losing your data. So, how to keep your data safe? The only way of protecting your valuable files is by taking regular backups. However, in the worst case, if you don’t have a backup and your data storage device has got damaged due to physical or logical issues then you may consider two options- run data restoration software or hire a data recovery professional. The first option is usually recommended for those who can take the risk and have some prior experience in recovering data. For those looking to recover their important business documents or valuable data, the safest option is to seek the services of a data recovery company.

Once you decide whether you want to use some software program or hire a professional, the next major decision is to choose the right one. Hundreds of software programs and service providers are available online which makes it tricky to pick the right one. Choosing software can be comparatively easy but it should be avoided because most programs could overwrite data and cause permanent data loss. So, you should ideally look for a reliable data recovery service provider to safely get back your lost data. Here are some tips to help you easily find a reliable data recovery company.

Look for Certified Professionals

Some service providers offer a range of services such as laptop and mobile repair services, as well as data recovery services. It may seem a convenient option to find a local technician who can repair your damaged mobile phone or computer, as well as retrieve your lost files. However, the technicians who repair devices may not necessarily have the qualifications to restore lost/deleted/inaccessible data from different types of devices. So, when data recovery is your priority, find a certified professional who specializes in recovering data from all types of devices such as hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, flash drives, NAS, RAID, and more.

Data Recovery Infrastructure

The local laptop repair shop doesn’t necessarily have specialized laboratories for performing data recovery. Most hard drive manufacturers strictly recommend that physically damaged hard drives should always be opened in a controlled environment to prevent contamination. The best data recovery companies have dedicated Class 100 cleanroom Lab for recovering data from physically crashed/damaged storage media.

Data Security Policy

The reliable service providers always maintain clear communications and follow a strict data privacy policy. The service provider you choose should provide you an accurate price quote, as well as educate you about their confidentiality policy. Make sure the company doesn’t use the services of third-party labs for recovering data. The entire data recovery process- from diagnosis to final recovery should be performed in-house to ensure that no unauthorized party has access to your sensitive files.


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