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Insurance Giant AXA Now Accepts Bitcoin

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The big news there as the insurance giant – AXA is now making news for getting into Bitcoin. It has now announced that its customers can now pay their bills using Bitcoin. Yes, you heard it right. The Switzerland-based top insurance company has now allowed its consumers to use Bitcoin as an option for paying their premiums and bills. AXA remains one of the top all-lines insurance companies that has given the provision, which is now the case with other insurance companies. This gives you an option of investment in the digital future of the company in connection with the growing customer demand for a number of options when it comes to giving away the payments.  The decision was not random; they have been working on it earlier. As per reports, the company had carried out market research way back in 2019, where people of the age group 18 to 55 years were asked to share their thoughts on digital currencies.

Even then, every one of the three respondents was happy using it, and they are interested in using the same. The Pandemic, although it has hampered the market in a big way, it did accelerate the digital transformation moving ahead in a year or so, thus adding up the spread of the digital currencies. In order to meet the rising demand, AXA is seen allowing its consumers to pay their premiums or bills using the same.  In other words, the company is seen leading the way with digital currency. AXA seems to be the first of all the line insurance companies that have given the solution in a big way. The new payment options they have been seen coming up with the private consumers from one way or the other since April. You simply need a reference number and the amount you have with your Bitcoin wallet. 

With such a response coming from AXA about the growing demand of its consumers for some alternate payment choices that come along with the newer technologies as seen playing a bigger role, claims the Head of the Innovation department in AXA headquarters. With this, we see Bitcoin making payment easy for the consumers. In the coming future, we see more and more new payment options coming up for paying bills, and that can be sent via email. There are customers who are willing to pay with Bitcoin and thus can help in going over the invoice, and they are making the transfer by calling the reference number along with the amount that seemed to have confirmed their entry. This very amount has been in Swiss Francs that has been converted into bitcoin that are found in the background and then the payment that went on to get completed in no time and that too with great ease when it comes to smartphone or computer. Now, the customers are getting their bills via their apps, and they get the option of paying premiums with bitcoin as well. 

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As you check the app, one can find the progress bar that is moving ahead with the indicated exchange rates that are found in between both the bitcoin along with the Swiss-based currencies that are also valid to pay the bills to the company. One can find the progress bar moving ahead with the indicated exchange rate that seems to give them the option to run through ease. If you see things are running before any transaction, one can find too much of the exchange rate that is seen updating along with the timer that is seen starting it over. AXA now is not going to charge any additional fees when it comes to Bitcoin payments. Visit Official Site.

For AXA, digital currency is just their start. There seems to be a wide range of payment options that are seen coming up with the help of the web and the other choices.  This may be the start, but the company has remained in touch with blockchain technology-related projects. It was able to join a number of car dossier associations way back in 2017 that went on to represent the board. The association was able to import and drive a number of vehicles with the help of different licenses.


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