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Is Repairing Your Phone Worth It? Should You Simply Buy a New Phone?

Repairing Your Phone

People all over the world have shifted to using smartphones as digitization has increased. The devices are capable of completing work-related tasks and provide extensive exposure to social media. Because of the pandemic, most businesses have moved to remote working environments, which have increased the number of smartphone users. Constant phone use, on the other hand, tends to deteriorate the phone, resulting in breakage or damage. Many people are looking for ways to either repair the phone or buy a new one. Purchasing a new phone on a frequent basis is quite expensive. To avoid this, find a certified phone repair center that can assist you in renewing the phone.

Points to consider before repairing or buying a new phone

  1. The cost play – repair vs purchase

The pivotal factor in concluding on any topic is the cost that it incurs.

Analysis before purchasing a new phone: When purchasing a new phone, you must verify that the battery is highly durable. Today’s apps drain batteries faster due to a lot of video streaming and online games. The phones must have at least 4 GB of RAM, a 12MP to 15MP camera, and the highest GigaHertz (GHz) processor speed. Choose the most recent Android or iOS operating system. The final and most important consideration is price; a phone with these features will cost more than $800.

While purchasing demands an analysis of these features, repairing the phone for screen problems, battery problems, or speaker problems will cost under $200.

All these analyses must be done prior to getting a new phone.

  • Monotonous grind

There is a lot of learning takes place on the internet as a result of digitization. Before investing in or purchasing electronics, people tend to check and perform their research. According to a study of 15000 clients, 45 percent of them take a week to conclude and 25% take more than a month to determine whether or not they want to purchase a new phone. While researching the phone, 44% of clients read reviews on well-known websites, and 24% watch YouTube. Because the analysis takes time, people who have the time to research may want to consider purchasing a new phone. A phone repair takes less time than shopping for a new product. Hardware damage, for instance, can take up to 1 or 2 days to repair, whereas screen issues can be resolved in a day.

  • Environment friendly

The electronic device is associated with a slew of health and environmental dangers. When mobile phones and electrical equipment are discarded, toxic gases are released into landfills. When toxic materials like lead, lithium, arsenic, copper, and mercury are disposed of, they emit environmental contaminants into the atmosphere. Electronic recycling aids in the recovery of some valuable metals, but only 20% of phones are recycled, with the rest being thrown away or kept at home.

  • Warranty & Insurance

Customers can benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty if the phone indicates no traces of physical abuse. Almost all manufacturers provide a warranty period ranging from six months to a year. Customers can, however, protect their phones and extend their warranties by purchasing “extended warranties” online or in stores. Customers can claim for repair, refund, or even replacement of certain parts if the phone develops any abnormalities or is damaged. It usually involves issues with hardware. Your IMEI number is used to find out when your warranty expires. 

  • Make the most of your resources.

Every device has a value that depreciates with time. To provide great performance, devices and gadgets require upgrades. If the product’s worth has dwindled, buying a new phone is the best option. According to a survey, once a phone becomes obsolete, 54 percent of smartphone users in the United States upgrade it, and 44 percent follow the company’s advice. From the date of purchase, it usually takes two years to upgrade the phone.

 Finally, it is critical to recognize that a smartphone is a necessity in today’s society. It is important to ensure that the gadget is properly serviced and optimized on a regular basis. However, if it is damaged, think about the points listed above before making a new purchase.


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