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Job Vacancies in Kuwait: The Complete Guide to Job-Hunting in the Gulf Nation

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Recently, Kuwait has begun to actively attract foreign workers to work as the local working population increasingly travels abroad. Nevertheless, the Kuwaiti authorities are trying to reduce the number of unskilled workers, whose market is mainly occupied by immigrants from Asia and Africa, as well as the local population. Europeans can apply for more skilled work. To encourage workers, some large companies accrue bonuses to their workers, provide housing, some even provide a car, pay for medical services, and so on.

Salary in Kuwait for vacancies

The official average salary in Kuwait is $ 4,000 a month or $ 30 an hour. Of course we are talking about low-skilled workers. Of course, highly skilled workers get more

·        builders- (salary up to 6-7 thousand dollars)

·        doctors- (from 6000 dollars)

·        accountants (from $ 3,000)

Kuwait has also set a minimum wage for domestic staff. A key factor in choosing a candidate for a Kuwaiti employer is the availability of appropriate qualifications and knowledge of English, without which there is no way. In addition, knowledge of English will help to get a higher salary.

In Kuwait, there is a shortage of some professions in particular

·        builders

·        English teachers

·        dentists

·        cosmetologists

·        surgeons.

There are a lot of oil producers and bankers in Kuwait

As well as in anything in work it is necessary to compete. Especially in Kuwait. especially foreigners. After all, a foreigner in Kuwait can mostly apply for highly qualified professions. Since unskilled professions are “occupied” mainly by the local population. The main requirements for foreign workers are -qualification and knowledge of English. There are many organizations in Kuwait that help foreigners find work, such as the Kuwait Investment Authority. Most vacancies are, of course, concentrated in the capital, Kuwait.

Also with the permission of readers we will learn what prices in Kuwait. The first question immediately arises as to whether Kuwait is an expensive country compared to the CIS countries – so expensive, because here you have to pay 2-3 times more. For example, the cost of living is $ 60 a bag of milk here costs 1, 5 dollars, cheese 5 dollars. Fast food in Kuwait costs from $ 3. Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant can cost $ 30-40. Beer in Kuwait can be purchased for $ 3 coffee 3, $ 5. You can rent a car in Kuwait for $ 50 per hour, and prices vary depending on the type of car. A liter of gasoline in this country costs less than one dollar. A taxi in Kuwait costs 2, 5 dollars per kilometer. Another feature of Kuwait is the schedule of shops, banks and government agencies. Shops in this country are open from Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 to 21:00, and on Friday some shops are open from 15:30 to 20:30. Banks are open from 8 am to the second day – weekdays, and on Saturdays until the first day.


As we can see, there are a lot of  job vacancies in Kuwait, from an ordinary maid to a manager of a large company. Every resident will find a job “to his liking” and earn good money.


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