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Today, a lot of industries see it to be essential to be able to communicate fluently in multiple languages. One of such industries is the hospitality industry, and also the tourism industry. This is because these industries frequently work with people that come from different countries, cultures, and also people that speak different languages. This shows the importance of learning a new language.

It might be challenging for you to make out the time and money required to attend a language-learning class because of the condition of the world and our busy schedule. But, it is fortunate that there are other alternatives to learning a new language apart from attending a traditional class. Several software programs and apps for learning new languages are available today. With these apps or software programs, you can learn new languages at your pace for free.

Free apps for learning a new language

Because of the variety of options that are available, it might be difficult for you to know which one to pick and where to begin. In this article, we have listed out about 5 of the top free apps/software programs that can help you to learn a new language. Full list of language learning apps, comparison and detailed reviews.

Full list that includes



DuoLingo seems to be the most widely-known free app for learning a new language. Currently, there are more than 100 million people actively making use of the app. One of the things that have contributed to the success of this app is how it uses a simple gamification method to teach a language on a mobile platform. Native speakers are the creators of a majority of the courses that DuoLingo offers. This helps to make sure that the language being taught is accurate no matter how people speak it today.

Another great thing about this app is that there is no assumption that English is the native language of a user. DuoLingo offers nearly 100 (one hundred) language courses, and each of them has an option to choose a course that has been designed for people whose first language is not English. All these have made DuoLingo stand out among the other language-learning apps.



There are more than 200 languages that are offered in MemRise, and this means that there is every possibility that you will find the particular language that you are interested in learning. The languages that you will find in the free one are the same as what the paid/Pro version will offer you, but the free MemRise version has fewer functionalities. Why we can confidently recommend this app to you is because it makes language practice to be engaging and fun.

Rather than making use of flashcards, MemRise makes use of memes. Making use of this playful method to increase the proficiency of a learner’s vocabulary serves 2 purposes. The first purpose that it serves is to keep the learners entertained and engaged. Secondly, the users will be able to learn better. On the memes, there are often entertaining and unique associations with all the vocabulary that the users are learning. With this, their recall speed and accuracy will greatly improve.



Most of the language-learning software programs/apps that are available today usually focus mainly on making self-guided lessons. But, HelloTalk uses a completely different approach. The app will connect learners with tutors who speak the native language that they want to learn, instead of selecting a predetermined lesson.

Then, users would make use of voice and/or text messages to communicate conversationally. Another interesting feature of Hellotalk is its in-app tool for making corrections. This tool enables users to correct other people’s messages in live/real-time. The app also has a tool that assists you to translate when you have no idea of the correct word to express yourself.

There are more than 10 million people that are actively making use of HelloTalk and there are also more than 100 (one hundred) native languages. On this app, you can chat with other learners one-on-one and it can also allow you to engage with all the community of the native speakers of your chosen language simultaneously just with a post with share my story. This functionality helps you to get answers to your whole language questions quickly, and you can as well use the platform to post updates about your progress.



This is another good free language learning app, but it does not offer as many languages as the above-mentioned programs/apps; it offers just 15 languages. But, the language-learning methods that this app uses are tried, effective, and true. The app also allows you to download the lessons that you want to study offline. Its free version does not offer the whole content, but you can get up to forty lessons. This means that Babel will give you more content compared to what some other apps that have both paid and free versions will offer you.

If you are a beginner, Babbel has a class that will help to build your vocabulary through repetition and images. As you go further, you will use common phrases and dialogue to provide context with the vocabulary. As you get more proficient, you will move to a stage where your conversational skills will be built. This app also fine-tunes the proficiency of the language you speak with the use of speech recognition.



There are just eight people on earth whose native language is Busuu, and this company and app is named after this language. With Busuu, users have the opportunity to learn Busuu’s endangered language.

There is a paid version in the app as well as a free version. As it stands, their free content is the smallest. But on their free content, there are quizzes and interactive exercises that have been designed to effectively help learners in a fun way. The only unique feature that is in the paid version of the Busuu app is the examinations and certifications that are being given to learners based on their proficiency.


No matter the native language of an individual, he can broaden and improve his/her hospitality career by learning different languages. You will even gain more as a business owner if you can fluently communicate with your clients/customers in their language. So, to increase your proficiency in linguistic, then you can make use of any of the above-mentioned apps to learn another language.


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