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Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring a Russian Translator

Accurate translations are a real challenge and Russian translations of a large project are even tougher for both the translator and project manager. This job requires high perfection skills and it has been noticed that even the most experienced translators are likely to commit common mistakes. Stringent deadlines and the demand for quality translations make this task tougher.

Let’s see some very common mistakes to avoid while hiring a Russian Translation service:

Focus on the length of the job

Russian is a synthetic language and the target text maybe 20% lengthier than the original text. The Russian language does not rely on word order in a sentence, and the words can be placed in several ways as per the user’s choice, without changing the core meaning of the text. But, the translated text is likely to be longer than the source language. So when translating, it becomes essential to focus on the proportion of the length of a job and the transcript text.

Provide the most relevant content to the translator

The text provided for the translation purpose must be clear and precise to get the desired results. Some meanings may be lost while simply replacing the English words with the Russian words. So, while hiring a Russian Translator, it becomes crucial that the text provided must be very clear. For example, in English, we say mother-in-law for a mother of one’s spouse. But, in Russian there are different words for mother-in-law, as the gender of the person is also required to be known while mentioning a mother-in-law. 

Thus, to ensure that the transcriptions are accurately delivered, it is important to provide proper reference materials to the translators, to make them understand the context. 

Considering cultural differences 

It is advisable to keep the cultural difference between the two languages while finalizing a translation service. Language is like a bridge between two countries and the cultural difference between the two may have a huge impact on the translations. For example, there will be a huge difference in holidays celebrated between the two countries. 

So, while entering a new market, it becomes important to know the socio-economic differences between the source and the target market to get the desired results.

Hidden costs

Translations are a wide aspect and there are lots of other costs which are associated with an assignment, to make it a complete project. It is just not the text translations, but a project t may require desktop publishing, image editing, text formatting, and many other related services. It is always advisable to know in advance that what all services you require from a translation company. The different translators charge differently for the jobs, and a complete assignment. In order to minimize the cost, know your needs, and allocate a fixed budget for the translation services required.

Profile, portfolio, and testimonials

Credentials are important criteria while seeking a translation assignment. Research for the projects done by a translator and their work profile makes a lot of difference. Find out the opinion of other clients for the translation work done for them and find out for the subjects matter of the projects done to gain more confidence in your chosen Russian Translator.

Do not forget to make a contract

An agency should write in details for the job descriptions and make a contract with the service provider to protect the interest of both the parties. Basic keys to include in a contract can be:

  • Detailed descriptions of the translation services required
  • A fixed delivery date 
  • Price for the services offered
  • Payment terms and conditions

Past experience

Find out the translators who have experience in translating in the required specific field. Translation jobs may be unique as per the user’s requirements. For example, a job may be required for medical, legal, business promotion, consumer material, marketing, education, and many more.

It is good to make sure to select a translator for the peculiar services required. Suppose if the assignment is for a medical company, then a translator is required to understand and must possess the knowledge of medical terminology, to produce accurate results.

Systems and Procedures

Know the measures a translating company is adopting for a quality check. What are the systems to ensure quality translations? Some translators follow a practice to even review their work from other translators to go through a strict quality check. Proofreading, and multistep checking, should be a great concern for the translators to provide perfect results.

Ask the translation service provider for the number of corrections they will allow, once you have some problem with the translated text. 


The Russian language is a bit complex to be translated. It is advisable not to rely on machine translations, as the translated texts may end with a different meaning. Once you have selected a translator, move ahead with small documents, and after you are confident, move forward for the rest of your projects.


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