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Mistakes To Avoid While Outsourcing Your Web Development Services  

Mistakes To Avoid While Outsourcing Your Web Development Services

As easy as it might be to hire an outsourcing web development agency but developing a quality outsourced team can be a challenging task. It is a time-consuming process but has a direct impact on the progress of the business.

A robust outsourcing team can become a business owner’s strongest asset but mistakes in hiring an agency can become a peril.

Now that you have decided to hire an outsourcing web development agency, how to do it correctly is another matter altogether. Costly mistakes can be perilous for your business.

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Here are the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when hiring remote agencies that you can avoid for a better experience.

Hiring inexpensive workers and expecting quality work

Like the famous saying goes “when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, so if you pay less, it is foolish to expect good quality work. Some business owners try to hire remote workers for the cheapest rate possible and expect high-quality work. Paying low wages may be financially beneficial, but it often comes with poor quality of work and lower expertise. Good recruits may feel overburdened with work vis-à-vis the pay and may attract; similarly, low-cost resources may bog you down efficiency. Overlook the financial costs and focus on finding quality workers who will be loyal to your company and deliver high-quality work. Those few extra bucks will motivate your remote employee and positively impact your company’s productivity.

Lack of proper direction

Hiring a remote employee can be a good business decision, but a directionless approach could end in a disaster. You need to have a clear direction on your expectations from the employee. You need to chalk down your tasks, timeline, and instructions on how to complete the tasks, making it easier for the employee to come up to your expectations. The employee must know your expectation from him, to deliver the work in an appropriate and timely manner. This prep work may look unappealing and tiring in the beginning, but you will be glad you did.

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Not integrating the remote employees into your home team

The biggest fluke business owners commit is to believe that remote workers are not a part of the integral team and they are just a support team for the business. The scalability of a business depends on the cooperation of both the remote as well as the home team. Remote employees can perform better when they are fully integrated into the core team and function according to the business needs. Introducing them to the rest of the team and keeping them in the loop for all communications to build loyalty and improve work quality.

Patience is the key

Allow time for your outsourced partner to join and know the team. The remote employee just like your in-house employee needs to know the culture, processes, and system of your company. They too need time to reach their full potential just like other employees, so a patient approach would yield positive results. Employees from Digital White Labels are trained well to gel into your internal teams and provide white label services. Their working style is transparent, and they provide reports that let you know about the progress of your project at regular intervals.

Thinking that the professional growth of remote employees is not your concern

Not providing growth opportunities for remote workers can de-motivate them leading to dissatisfaction and low productivity. A company has to reward hard work and dedication to remote employees, to curb attrition and build loyalty towards it. Giving them opportunities to grow will positively impact your business and they will continue to produce their best work.

Be Honest

Be honest when hiring a web development company. The relationship between the hired company and your business must be a transparent one. There is no reason to conceal any news when both parties are committed to a project’s success. The outsourcing partners need clarity and honesty when it comes to all aspects of the project. The aspects include work schedule, team priorities, deliverables, documentation, quality, and much more.

You are dealing with humans, and most people could figure out if the picture presented is accurate or if something is missing. Hence, there is every reason, to be honest about all aspects of the project to the outsourcing partner. Clarifying the issues will help to correct small niggling issues before they grow into large, perplexing problems. Good or not-so-good, for the web development project to move toward completion as smoothly as possible. 

Hiring outdated companies that are not in sync with current trends can cause major trouble. The outsourcing company may portray or maybe are better coders than anyone else, but they may be using workflows and interfaces specific to their local area only. This can cause significant issues with how end-users will experience your product.

No region is lesser than the other, but it is important to check that the hired outsourcing partner stands up to your expectations on issues beyond technicalities. The issues that may crop up may comprise legal risks, working ethics, broadband capacity, and cultural differences.

Not Being Clear About The Terms Of Your Contract

When you share the contract with the outsourcing partner make sure you take out time to discuss the clauses involved. Else you could be looking at disappointment and a failure to meet expectations down the road. You must make sure that every piece of information is explained in the contract signed by both parties.

For instance, due to certain hiccups, the timelines get extended, this is a common occurrence. How will the extension affect the pricing of your project? This and other things must be clearly stated in your contract to avoid surprises later on.


Hiring remote talent is a whole new frontier, but if you want to get the best and brightest for your company, you need to avoid the pitfalls of this new virtual reality. By sidestepping these mistakes, it’s possible to hire the best outsourcing web development agency.


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