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Role of Hadoop in Big Data you must know

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Hadoop is understanding of processing big data, particularly unstructured data, is evolving. role of Hadoop can be infectious. In one company, its introduction will lead to entirely new possibilities. Owing to this type of tech being even more stable and cost-effective, it really seems much simpler to manage massive data. Just another amazing aspect is the opportunity to use HIVE in an EMR setup.

Booting up a cluster, downloading HIVE, while doing basic SQL analysis in no time is extremely easy. Let us understand how the Apache Hadoop system architecture plays a critical role in the processing of Big Data, which is a system. Through basic programming patterns, Apache Hadoop allows excess data to be optimized for any decentralized management system through cloud datacenters.

It is actually built to ramp up to a huge number of devices from single clusters, each providing local computing and storage capacity. Rather than relying on high-availability infrastructure, the database itself is designed to identify and manage application-level breakdowns, offering an incredibly accessible service including a collection of servers as both of the versions are prone to collapse.

Let us dig in why Hadoop is an amazing choice for handling Big Data.

Key features of Hadoop


Since it is a proven fact that just 20% of data is centralized in companies, and the majority is just all disorganized, it is very important to handle complex data that remains unsupervised. role of Hadoop controls multiple kinds of Big Data, including supervised or unsupervised, encrypted or structured, or some other type of information and renders it usable for the phase of decision-making. , It is also easy, appropriate, as well as schema-free. Although Hadoop usually promotes Java Programming, mostly with aid of the MapReduce methodology, any program code could be used in Hadoop While Hadoop feels right on Linux and Windows, it can operate on some other BSD as well as OS X.

Data Economy is More Efficient

The analysis and processing of big data worldwide has been revolutionized by role of Hadoop. Companies have so far been concerned about how to handle the non-stop flooding data in their structures. Rather like a reservoir, Hadoop harnesses the stream of infinite quantities of data and produces a lot of energy in the form of actual knowledge. Hadoop has completely altered the data storage and evaluation economy and has made it even more efficient.

Cost Effectiveness:

Packed with many great features, the cherry on top is that through introducing parallel processing computation to commodity servers, It also generates economic benefits, leading to a significant decrease in the price per TB of storage, that in fact creates it fair to design all the information. The general premise behind it is to conduct an effective yet considerably cheap data analysis through the global network.

Vigorous Environment

In order to satisfy the needed to understand the developers, online start-ups as well as other companies, Hadoop seems to have a very comprehensive and rich environment. The Hadoops’ ecosystem is made up of many different projects such asHive,  MapReduce, HBase, HCatalog, Zookeeper, Apache Pig, that make the delivery of a wide range of services quite proficient.


Another great feature of Hadoop is its framework scalability, in a way that new clusters can be quickly introduced to the framework without modifying data formats, loading of the data, coding and scripting, or even without changing entire application, when and where appropriate. It is an open-source platform that operates on industry-standard infrastructure.

It Operates on Real Time Basis

Have you ever wondered how to monitor data and presenting it in timely manner in a cluster? The best solution for this scenario is Hadoop. There are so many real time abilities. Hadoop also uses a consistent path to a large range of APIs for big data analytics that include query languages, MapReduce, access to databases, and on and on.

Synchronization with Cloud Technology

Hadoop is now coming to the cloud. To be able to handle big data, Hadoop has synchronized with cloud technology in many enterprises. It is going to be one of the much needed cloud services software. This is clear from the number of nodes in different companies provided by cloud vendors. Therefore, eventually it will live in a cloud.

More and More Technologies Are Now Using Hadoop:

Hadoop is contributing to tremendous technological developments by improving its strengths. HBase, for example, will now become an important platform for Binary Big Objects (Blob Stores) and Online Transaction Processing (OLTPP Lightweight). The Role of Hadoop  has now started to act as a powerful basis for the new graph as well as NoSQL datasets, along with better database engine versions.

Hadoop Community Package:

Along with all of the above-mentioned benefits of Hadoop, here is the list of the perks you can get in Hadoop community package:

  • Operating system level abstractions and file system
  • The HDFS i.e., Hadoop Distributed File System
  • A Yarn or a MapReduce engine
  • Documentation, contribution section, as well as the source code
  • JAR files (Java Archive files)
  • Scripts required to launch Hadoop

10. Hadoops’ Activities on Big Data

Here are the activities that Hadoop perform on Big Data:

Data Storage

Big data needs to be processed in a unified database, and a specific physical database does not have to be stored. Hadoop provides big data that storage.

Accessing of Data

If the information could not be scanned, quickly obtained, and it can be digitally viewed along business units, there really is no smart business to it whatsoever. Role of Hadoop provides the power to access data seamlessly.

Processing of Data

In case of cleaning, stimulating, measuring, manipulating, and operating algorithms, the method becomes much more repetitive than conventional ones.

All of this and more clearly demonstrates the significance of Hadoop. Also, now, many big organizations including social media giants are relying on Hadoop to store and process the data. If you have understood the importance of Hadoop and want to explore a career for the same, enroll in Data Science Academy’s Hadoop certification training programs and get yourself started.


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