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ShoeSterilizer Pro Review 2022 – Buying Guide

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review – I figured out what was going on but for realising a definitive solution it took more time.

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

I have been working in the medical industry from always, having close contacts with doctors gave me some medical knowledge over the years as it was also a necessary part fort the installation and maintenance of medical equipment’s.

Exactly one year ago, while the pandemic started, I was spending some time with my friend, a bacteriologist doctor and while we were discussing about viruses, etc., he explained me that all bad smells come from bacteria. Different kind of bad smell is a different type of bacteria.

This was very enlightening as myself have been always suffering from smelly feet and shoes like always.

And has been very embarrassing too, when I think of the moments, I had to remove the shoes with my girlfriend or when visiting my friends’ home, shivers go through my spine.

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

I did some research and having access to hospital environment it helped me to further understand the mechanism of the bacteria growing.

And it was as simple as it can get, it is all about the environment inside the shoe which is perfect for growing bacteria.

When bacteria are grown in laboratory, samples are placed in humid environment, isolate from air circulation and put in the dark. Does this sound familiar?

Exactly, that’s our shoes! (ShoeSterilizer Pro Reviews)

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

The laboratory confirmed exactly what my bacteriologist friend explained me few months ago. I was really alarmed of how many different kinds of bacteria and fungi were growing and living inside my very own shoe.

Imagine that all this microbiological life affects our feet too by causing several conditions as bacteria end-up under our feet nails and between the fingers, it is like something contagious by physical contact.


And this is obvious, the perfume just deceives our noses and by magic changes the perception but it does not change the reality and does not do any harm to the microscopic life thriving inside the shoe.

Myself, I have sprayed a lot of good smell products for shoes and for feet but it was always a poor solution lasting few hours only and today I understand exactly why.

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review


I was sure there should be some solution out there because all the problem is destroying the environment the bacterial lives in, remember, Humidity?

And that was the key for my deep research, I needed to find a solution that would solve the problem forever not just cover the bad smell with a better smell.

That’s how I found ShoeSterilizer Pro which seems to be designed by a German scientist but very few people really know about this product!

This device was magic for me, I instantly understood that they knew the problem and were fighting it at the root not just by covering the bacteria’s bad smell with perfume but by sterilizing the shoe and getting rid from all bacteria.

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

How it works is simple but powerful, you just insert it in the shoe and leave it heating for a certain amount of time that will de-humidify the shoe completely thus making the bacteria life really impossible.

Furthermore it finds usage on any kind of footwear and deliver the same benefits. My wife uses it twice per week on our sleaper and they feel new every time we wear them.

ShoeSterilizer Pro Review

I have recommended the ShoeSterilizer Pro to all my friends, because it really works and it actually changes our lives by improving the self-confidence without counting here the health benefits by removing those bacteria from the shoes that causes several conditions to the feet too!


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