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The Dos and Don’ts of Running an Online Retail Business


Running an online retail business is often stressful. There is so much to take care of, from handling your website to ensuring customers receive their product in quality condition and in good time. Sometimes, even when you are putting in all the effort you can, things can still go wrong.

To reduce the number of mistakes made, as well as stressful evenings trying to answer multiple customer questions, here are the dos and don’ts of running an online retail business.

Do: Make Your Website Easy to Use

Your website needs to be as easy for customers to use as possible, as this will help reduce the number of complaints and questions you receive. Prioritize a clear layout and easy navigation so that users can easily turn into paying customers.

Don’t: Target All Consumers

You might think it’s a good idea to target everyone with your marketing strategies, but that isn’t useful. Instead, identify your customer and keep them specifically in mind when creating products and planning marketing strategies. By targeting the right people, you avoid wasting money and increase the chances of making sales.

Do: Have a Good Refund Policy

Many customers want to know that they can return their product if it is damaged or it isn’t right for them, so a good refund policy is crucial. It’s not just for the customer’s benefit, though – you also need to protect your retail business in the policy. After all, you don’t want customers taking advantage of illegitimate refund claims. Learn how refund abuse protection from Accertify can help your business by using a risk-based approach which allows you to discern whether a refund claim is legitimate or fraudulent.

Don’t: Use Low-Quality Images

Low-quality images will send potential customers away from your site, even if they were previously interested. You need to show your products in the best light possible, so prioritize high-quality, flattering images. Take multiple if you can, as that will create more trust from users. If you take your own pictures, invest in a good camera, quality lighting, and a flattering backdrop.

Do: Offer Excellent Support

When customers search for online retail stores, it is not just great quality products that they are looking for – they also want excellent customer support. You should answer every question in a friendly and polite manner. If a customer has a problem, go above and beyond to try to help them. Your goal is to have as many satisfied customers as possible, after all.

Don’t: Stay Off Social Media

You might think your retail site is enough to build interest, but that usually isn’t the case. Many social media platforms provide a free, easy way to promote your brand and build an audience, so take advantage of that. Choose a select few platforms, and then create business accounts to share content and connect with users. With so many businesses using social media, you’d be doing your brand a disadvantage by staying off it.


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