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Things To Discuss With Your Visa Lawyer

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Immigration law can be a very complicated practice. You would want a visa lawyer with experience to provide you with good legal representation. Discussing the right things with your visa lawyer will help you determine if that visa lawyer is the right one for you. The more things you discuss the better. Here are things to discuss with your visa lawyer. Also, get your h1b visa lawyer here.

●     Specialization

You want to make sure that your visa lawyer is specialized in that field of immigration. If visas are not what your lawyer specializes in, then the rapid rate at which immigration laws are changing may catch your lawyer off guard. Make sure to discuss this with your lawyer to make sure they know what they are doing.

●     Experience With A Similar Case

Another important thing you want to discuss with your lawyer is their experience handling cases like yours. There is a wide variety of cases like green cards, work visas, or even deportation proceedings. You want to make sure that your visa lawyer has substantial experience handling cases that are similar to yours.

●     Membership

You also want to discuss the associations your lawyer belongs to. You can check with the American Bar Association or the bar association in your state to confirm if your lawyer is licensed or not. You also want to find out if your visa lawyer is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Like this, you know that your visa lawyer has access to up-to-date resources.

●     Strategy

Another important thing to discuss with your visa lawyer is the best strategy for your case. After describing your case to your visa lawyer, you should discuss with your lawyer to devise a plan with a timeline and specific goals. You want to discuss the pros and cons of your case and the various options that are open to you.

●     Chance Of Success

Although there is no guaranteed chance of success in immigration cases, a good visa lawyer should be able to analyze your case and discuss the possible outcomes and honestly tell you if the case can be resolved or not. You should be very honest with your lawyer as the littlest detail may be the silver lining.

●     Disciplinary Panel

You want to discover if your lawyer has faced a disciplinary panel for unscrupulous actions. You should check your visa lawyer’s disciplinary record. If this has happened before, you might want to look elsewhere.

●     Cost

You also want to discuss the payment structure of the services offered by your visa lawyer. Some lawyers charge hourly or charge a flat rate. This all depends on the type of case. Cases with court proceedings are usually charged at an hourly rate. Flat rates are mostly used for very predictable cases.

You can also discuss other things with your visa lawyer like how busy they are, if they have time for your case, or if both parties will enter into a written contract. You want to make sure your visa lawyer is listening to you and is ready to take enough time to address your case.


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