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Top 3 Best PDF to Excel Converter for Windows and Mac

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Undoubtedly, PDF is considered the best file format to store and share data due to its universal nature. However, when it comes to editing it, problems arise! For example, you may have received several financial data in the form of PDFs, but making amendments could become an issue, and you won’t be able to tackle them without transforming the files into a relevant format.

Moreover, analyzing the financial data within a PDF file is another issue you may face due to the unavailability of features like sort and filter. Therefore, you can opt to use an online converter for converting a PDF into Excel Spreadsheet. Obviously, you can use the manual method for transforming data contained in a PDF file to a spreadsheet, but it won’t be as effective as using an online converter.

In this article, we will help you find the 3 best Pdf download to Excel converters for Windows and Mac devices.

But before we jump on to them, let’s clear your mind about why to use an automated tool over following a manual procedure.

Manual Conversion Vs. PDF to Excel Converter

While copying data manually from a PDF file into Excel Spreadsheet, you may end up making several mistakes. For instance, a single-figure misplacement can change the entire results and lead you to face embarrassment. However, the PDF to Excel converter provides the users with accurate conversions with no chances of inaccuracies. In addition, time-saving is another critical factor where automated tools beat manual conversion methods. You may end up spending several hours while copying data manually, depending upon the length of data. However, the same data can be transferred into an Excel spreadsheet with the online tool in a matter of a few seconds.

Top 3 Best PDF to Excel Converters

1. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an online platform jam-packed with a wide range of utilities to handle and transform PDFs. You can access this platform easily from Windows and Mac devices and convert a PDF into Excel spreadsheet with a couple of clicks. By choosing this platform, your data will remain in safe hands, and high-quality results will be generated in a matter of instance.

2. Smallpdf

Another big platform with an extensive range of PDF tools, Smallpdf, also offers a utility to convert PDF into Excel Spreadsheet. Just like the previous tool on this list, this platform also promises to provide you with instant conversions. You don’t have to worry about conversion accuracy while using this smart online tool based on OCR technology.

3. PDF2Go

Converting PDFs into Excel Spreadsheets has become a hassle-free task due to the availability of this exceptional online platform. Whether you want to convert your PDF into XLS or XLSX, PDF2Go has got you covered. Besides uploading files from your device, you can also directly import them from cloud storage accounts within this tool.


You can choose any of the top 3 best PDF to Excel converters for Mac and Windows discussed in this blog to transform a PDF into Excel Spreadsheet without any hassle. All the tools are easy to use and ensure the best quality conversion to the users. So, instead of wasting time on manual conversions, try out these free converters now!


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