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Best Practices to Manage an Interactive Virtual Chat Room

Virtual Chat Room

As technology has advanced it has empowered organizations around the world to leverage virtual events. Today, the demand for live assistance and better brand engagements have been upscaled. Virtual events are organized on a comprehensive virtual event platform that offers a wide range of engaging and interactive features. Live chat capabilities offered by the platform enables attendees to interact via audio/video/text chats in a virtual chat room.

A virtual event platform enables organisers to set up interactive virtual chat rooms. It is widely used for converting leads into prospects and having one-on-one or group discussions with the most potential prospects. Additionally, virtual chat rooms help in improving response rates. Live chats in real-time help in enhancing immersive virtual event experiences. Moreover you can learn more about android chat room here at https://www.worldofchat.co.uk/android-chat-rooms

In this post, we have listed why you need to integrate a virtual chat room for your virtual event? And what are the best practices to manage an interactive virtual chat room? Let’s get started!

Why do you need to curate an interactive virtual chat room for your virtual launch?

Having a long-lasting customer-brand relationship is a key to success for any business. A recent survey reports that more than 70% of attendees prefer having live chat with the brand or business rather than leveraging any other channel or means of communication.

The dynamics have changed in 2020 and people are pushed to limit physical connections such as handshakes and hugs. With the change in scenarios, people started wondering how businesses will sustain themselves in these challenging times?

As time has changed so do the businesses and ways of connecting with each other. Today, the virtual has become a new normal. Gone are the days when connections can only be made via phone calls and emails. Businesses worldwide have leveraged virtual event technology to keep going even in the challenging times of the global health crisis. Today, businesses have quickly adopted new ways of hosting events and connecting with global delegates and leads.

Businesses have leveraged virtual event technology to tap and connect with potential prospects before anyone else. Virtual event platforms facilitate businesses to have a free-flowing conversation with customers in real-time. Live chat functionality and the ability to organize virtual chat rooms help in boosting lasting customer-brand relationships.

Virtual chat rooms enable businesses to have 1:1 or group interactions in real-time. Attendees can share their valuable feedback, ask their questions or queries seamlessly via live chats directly from the brand. 

Live chats in virtual chat rooms during virtual launch helps in easing your customer’s journey and enhances the sales funnel. Apart from it, it offers many more perks. It results in speeding up the response time, improving the substantial ROI, reducing the time in queues, positive word of mouth, and preventing sales funnel dropouts. To ensure a successful virtual launch or a virtual event, managing an interactive virtual chat room is a must. 

What are the best practices to manage a virtual chat room?

Delivering an exceptional virtual event experience is the key to a successful virtual event. We have listed some of the best practices to manage interactive virtual chat rooms for an exceptional customer experience.

1. Leverage two types of live chats

Using a two-fold approach is one of the best practices to manage interactive virtual chat rooms. Incorporate both types of live chats i.e public and private live chats in a virtual chat room. Enable attendees to have 1:1 or group interactions seamlessly.

Public chat enables audiences to ask questions and interact with other attendees as well. The conversations held during the public chat can be accessed by everyone. Whereas, private chats are one-on-one conversations between the visitor and the brand representative. To initiate private chat attendees must click on a private chat window and can have a seamless exchange of information via audio/video calls.

2. The chat feature should be clearly visible to attendees

The chat feature should be placed in an area that is visible to attendees. While managing a virtual chat room think while keeping a visitor’s perspective in mind. Chat features are mostly placed in the bottom right corner of the event page. However, you can change the positioning and place it in a visible area according to the visual format of the event page. Do not bold the chat feature too much that other features diminish in front of it. It is suggested to place the chat feature button on the right side of the screen to attract more attendees.

3. Enable live audio/video chats in virtual chat rooms

Utilise audio and video chat options to deliver immersive virtual event experiences and boost digital engagements. Audio and video integration helps in taking the event engagements to another level. Utilising audio/video chat options helps in making your event successful by maximising lead conversions. Apart from it, they help in identifying issues and offering solutions in real-time.

4. Do not forget to take customer’s feedback once the chat finishes

Once the chat ends, collect customer feedback for the same. Asking customer feedback indicates you value their thoughts and opinions. Taking valuable suggestions from the customers makes them feel an important part of the brand or business family. However, it results in boosting brand loyalty and making progressive and positive associations with the brand.

5. Enable your representatives to access audience profiles

In a virtual chat room grant access to your virtual representative to access the audience profile. It facilitates them to initiate meaningful conversations with audiences. To make the conversations transparent, you can add tags, comments with profiles.

6. Ask your service provider to offer the “Extract chat log” option

The basic aim of the event is to boost engagements and nurture connections. But it does not mean once the event is over you are done. To keep your customer brand-association intact and continue with your process, have the option of extract chat logs

7. Ensure that your virtual chat rooms are measurable

You must ensure that your virtual chat rooms are measurable. It helps in keeping a complete track and generates detailed analytics reports on chat trends, number of chats initiated, etc. It helps in measuring performance metrics.



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