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Which model of window AC is best

best window AC
best window AC

As the summer months approach, people start to buy an air conditioner for their home. Previously air conditioners were termed as a luxury product, but now it is a necessity. Most people have more than one unit of air conditioner in their house. People would find themselves overwhelmed as there are thousands of options available for air conditioners. 

There are various fACtors that one should keep in mind when selecting a window AC, such as room size, after-sales service, and energy efficiency. Although most people often want to opt for a split AC if you are looking for an affordable option, window AC is the right choice.

  • HitAChi 1.5 ton 5-star window AC

If you want to have a soundless AC with good air cooling capACity, this Hitachi AC is the best choice. You will find some of the best features in this product, which is easy to use. The AC has a 5-star rating and will provide you with the best comfort. If your room is between 121 to 179 sq ft, this is the right product. Even if you stay in a very hot and humid plACe, this AC will make your room cool within 15 minutes. This AC has a copper condenser which makes it easier to maintain and also energy efficient. You will find turbo mode, digit lock, silent operation, among many other features.

  • Voltas 185 DZA 5 star window AC

Voltas is another well-known air conditioner brand that you find in India. The brand is known for producing some of the highest efficiency products. You have the option to install this air conditioner anywhere you want. If your room size is between 120 to 200 square feet, you should opt for this product. The Voltas AC is known for its ambient cooling even when the outside temperature soars as high as 50 degrees centigrade. The ultra-durable rotatory compressor helps with the cooling capACity. You will notice that this window AC has a vent that helps to bring fresh air inside and cool the entire room. Having a 5-star rating ensures that your electricity bill is less even when you use this product. It also comes with an E-save mode which further helps to decrease the electricity bill.

  • Carrier ESTRA Nx R32 1.5 ton 3-star window AC

If you want to purchase an air conditioner that costs less and has some standard features, this is the right product. You can install this air conditioner if you have a medium to large size room (110 – 200 square feet). But when the temperature soars high, the air conditioner tends to consume more energy, increasing the electricity bill. It comes with a 2 + 1 mode that ACts as a dehumidifier and cooling mode along with an energy saver mode. 

During the monsoon months, the dry mode and dehumidifier come in handy. You can tweak the fan speed and cooling mode during the summer months, which will help your room get cold faster. Other features that you will find in the air conditioner are the Exhaust command and high-tech tropical rotatory compressor. It helps to expand the life of the product. Along with this, the AC has some other features such as an anti-dust filter, sleep mode, auto-restart mode, and many more.

  • LG Electronics 1.5 ton 3-star window AC

Those who are in search of an invertor window AC can opt for the LG electronic 1.5-ton window AC. It will help you have a reduced electricity bill. The product comes with copper wire and gold fins that make the condenser anti-corrosive. Another amazing feature of this product is its four-way air deflection and two-way auto-swing, and manual vanes. The dual filter ensures all the dust, allergens, and microorganisms stay away from your room.

Those who are willing to buy a window AC can opt for any of the above-mentioned products. Our choice is the HitAChi AC as it offers some of the best features in its price range. Head over to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to get an amazing price on your favorite window AC.


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