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Why Javascript is still popular language?


The consistently high interest in Javascript is confirmed by special international rankings. These indices are analytical data based on:

  • queries on programming languages ​​in search engines;
  • questions on professional forums;
  • projects implemented using certain technologies;
  • vacancies for programmers from the largest recruiting agencies.

PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language). An authoritative rating based on data from the largest search engine Google SE. Javascript is in the top three.

Stack Overflow. This index analyzes the number of questions by language and tool in professional communities. Here Javascript is confidently taking the lead.

W3Techs – World Wide Web Technology Surveys. The basis of the indicators is the number of web projects using certain technologies. We select the section of client interfaces. We see that Javascript has no competitors in it, this is the main tool. To better understand JS, you should consider in detail the possibilities that open up to users and developers.

A quick tour of JS

Developers who practice creating projects based on Javascript note a significant number of templates inherent in the system, which affects the speed of implementation of tasks. As a result, everyone wins: customers because they receive the project quickly enough. And developers get more free time to implement other projects. The programming language is especially popular among front-end developers. In addition, this programming language is actively used for:

  • mobile application development;
  • site layout;
  • server development and other types of programming.

Javascript has long been used in the IT industry and the trend continues. An experienced js developer has access to dozens of libraries designed specifically to make your work easier. A developed own ecosystem, an active community and a lot of materials that developers share as an example of solving specific problems. There would be no such demand for Javascript development services if it weren’t for the sheer number of benefits to keep the lead and fuel public interest.

Why is JS good?

Developers with experience with Javascript note a number of advantages that explain their interest in using the capabilities of the programming language and templates and solutions developed specifically for it. Let’s name some of them:

  • scripts are supported by all popular browsers;
  • higher productivity of work, by reducing the time spent on compiling the code;
  • Saving traffic due to partial loading of pages and applications on user devices;
  • a huge amount of free training materials;
  • learning a programming language is easy enough, especially if you have an understanding of the principles of code using other languages.

The final product, with due efforts of the developers and the correct tasks of the customer, turns out to be worthy of attention. Sites, the design of which is developed on the basis of Javascript, can often be found on the first pages of search engine results. This is due to the fact that the user can quickly get access to the necessary materials and goods.

Summing up

In fact, within the framework of one material, it is impossible to fully describe all the possibilities and differences of Javascript from other development tools. After all, there are also frameworks adapted to work on different platforms, libraries that deserve attention. The technical part was also not considered too deeply, since the material is mainly devoted to the advantages of Javascript, and not to the functional implementation of the developers’ tasks. It will be especially easy to understand the code using JS for those who already have some work experience. But the most important thing that programmers should understand is the need for self-development. Practice, practice, and more practice. This is the only way to face the maximum number of problems and find ways to solve them.


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