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Why Should An Organization Consider Offshore Software Testing?

Offshore Software Testing

Have you ever wondered if your teams and resources are enough to achieve the business goals? Successful software development firms face growing challenges once the technical needs of their projects exceed the basic workload of its employed. When this happens, it is difficult to know where to go for help without exceeding your budgetary limits. For many years, companies have been hiring offshore software testing services with promises of cheaper labor costs and a reputation for quality.

Offshore testing comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Organizations can employ domain expertise, conduct round the clock production, and also get help from the government and educational systems that prioritize QA testing excellence.

On the contrary, onboarding an offshore QA team can also increase language barriers and turnaround delays, which can cause unforeseen costs. The best software testing firms act as partners, delivering offshoring benefits while steering them away from their disadvantages. 

Why Consider Offshore Software Testing?

It is crucial that an organization finds the right partner to share the QA burden. When they are in the right hands, they can be sure about getting the rewards of offshore software testing without having to sacrifice the stability and the quality of their products.

In order to make informed decisions, the following are a few advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind when considering an offshore team for their software testing needs:

Advantages of Offshore Testing:

  • Domain expertise 
  • Labor savings
  • Round-the-clock production time 
  • Onsite testing team alternatives
  • Government support

Disadvantages of Offshore Testing:

  • Work Quality 
  • Hidden costs
  • Time zone differences 
  • Communication barriers

Advantages of Offshore Software Testing

Offshore software testing is a powerful tool for the DevOps process. It should be considered as an extension of their core team. An external partner can help in freeing up the internal resources, contribute domain expertise, and ultimately reduce your QA expenses.

Domain Expertise

Many offshore teams have rich experience with specific processes and technology of individual domains. Whether it is financial, healthcare, retail, cybersecurity, or legal domains, they are most likely to find an offshore partner that knows the field inside out. This domain expertise can boost productivity by:

  • Helping the team speak with the right terminology.
  • Makes it easier to view the product through the users’ eyes.
  • Knowledge of where to look for potential defects. 
  • Knowledge of critical tools and technologies. 

These domain experts streamline the onboarding process between the business and the partner so that they can remove the hidden costs that exist in the less sophisticated arrangements. 

Round-the-Clock Production Hours 

By working in partnership with an offshore software testing team, a firm can use the 9-13 hour difference in order to create a 24/7 testing cycle. As the test engineers finish their working day, the offshore colleagues can pick up the slack. By embracing the digital communication platforms, they can build a never-ending production process that adopts the best forms of agile testing. 

Labor Savings

One of the major advantages of offshore software testing is the fact that US-based companies can benefit from the difference of offshore labor costs. In fact, labor costs can produce savings up to 50% on the overall QA process. Many offshore facilities offer flexible pricing options that offer scalable solutions. 

Government Support 

The nature of these offshore QA facilities has not been lost on local governments and educational institutions. There are many governments that offer organizations various options. 

Onsite Testing Teams Alternatives

We do not have to look too far to find expert QA facilities. There are a number of companies that offer onsite testing team alternatives at affordable rates. It is less expensive to hire, train, and retain their services, and firms can do so with less hassle of travel and time-zone issues than partnering across the other continent. 


There is a solution to every problem in the world. Although it may have a cost but it shall have a good impact on the business. The advantages revolve around employing the efficiencies of domain expertise, create a 24/7 production schedule, reduce labor costs, and embrace the emphasis overseas institutions place on sophisticated IT training. These disadvantages are in simple communication misunderstandings.

In today’s digital age, companies have the access to communication technologies that can fill in all the gaps and they do not have to do it alone. Many QA professionals are affiliated with offshore companies. So it becomes important for firms to hire the right offshore testing company to steer their testing processes in the right direction. 

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