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Why to sell on GCP marketplace?

GCP marketplace

Most of the businesses today are using cloud-based technologies because of its many obvious benefits of using GCP marketplace.

GCP marketplace has unique and innovative features which helps you use Google Cloud in the best and fastest possible way. The demand for cloud-certified engineers has also increased with more and more use of such platforms. Google has offered a public cloud computing solutions suite for writing, designing and deploying cloud-hosted apps. You need not spend time installing software.

GCP marketplace provides production-ready solutions, datasets, stacks and services aiding business development. It is billed per minute for the customer’s usage removing the separate billing agreements.

They offer custom pricing, subscription and pay as you go options for payment. It is very easy to get started with the platform and keep proper track of the business. You can know how your clients are interacting with your marketing campaigns and solutions. With GCP marketplace companies have also started trusting cloud apps for their data and business solutions. GCP sends the reports also.

Let’s take a look at the reasons due to which you should prefer selling on a GCP marketplace.

  • The apps can be used whenever and wherever you need them.

Google cloud platform is an open-source, multi and hybrid cloud system. The data and applications can be used and run on any server or any environment without any vendor lock-in.

  • Businesses get more exposure.

The businesses and internet stores get better exposure with GCP marketplace because the customers visit the marketplace every year.

  • Businesses can make better choices.

You can use the in-depth learning and advanced analytical skills of the GCP marketplace in order to get the best possible results. It provides smart forecasting, management and operations streamlining with its data analysis and deep learning techniques.

  • Helps in building partnerships.

You can build a strong partnership between the GCP marketplace and your business. It allows co-marketing of the business or online store. The best software solutions are available with this platform. You can market, deliver and improve your business’s revenue and sales by arranging conferences, publishing PR, accessing the advertising studio, and developing websites.

  • Helps in creating more revenue.

Google cloud offers different technologies to their valued customers in several new categories like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, etc. These new solutions help you get more business and earn more revenue. GCP offers an easier pricing model for those customers who are in a habit of bargaining.

  1. It offers a trouble-free payment structure.

You can choose from different pricing options like subscription, custom or pay as you go with GCP marketplace. Whichever option you choose there’s nothing to worry about since the whole process is hassle free.

  • The technology is completely secure.

The content, applications, networks and clients are secured from any malicious activities, spam and abuse by the same hardware. The advanced monitoring solutions ensure compliance and privacy safety.

  1. It ensures efficient communication.

GCP marketplace has chat, messaging, video conferencing and paper sharing applications in one place. The teams can communicate very easily with the involvement of frontline staff. New customer opportunities are created in an interconnected workplace.

  • You get business-specific ideas and solutions.

Google cloud offers unique solutions to the most challenging issues faced by enterprises. The world’s most renowned banking, financial and entertainment companies are using GCP marketplace for transformations into their enterprises which includes engineering, gaming, entertainment, telephone and healthcare.

With Google cloud service you can save money and improve the productivity at the same time. The Google cloud electricity is generated entirely from green energy sources which drives the entire workload. It is the first major cloud provider purchasing renewable capital to fund its activities.

GCP marketplace is the best option for any start-up business. They offer free sign up and free trials so that you can check and keep track on the performance of your business. You can pay for the upgrades and other things later. In order to get started, first register yourself on the GCP marketplaceandcreate a new account. Get your business listed on their website, go through all the steps and start selling. The largest and successful web services are run on GCP marketplace. Their infrastructure is used internally by Google making it completely reliable and secure.


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