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7 Important Facts About Wisdom Teeth And Tooth Removal

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What can be more painful than your first heartbreak? If not wrong, wisdom teeth removal is a painful process, right! 

Yes, tooth removal is one of those troublesome coming-of-age rituals that you have to follow as it gets forced to endure for most of us. But, before removing them, have you ever thought, why do we have wisdom teeth, and why are they known to cause only problems? Read now to understand why a humble third molar, indeed, the last tooth we all get as adults.

7 Smart Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Who Says It’s Just One Wisdom Tooth! The Number Of Wisdom Teeth Can Be Different For Different Persons

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It is perfectly possible to have four, three, two, one, or no wisdom teeth at all! There is another possibility, though it’s infrequent. Some of them may also have more than four wisdom teeth. In medical terms, these are supernumerary teeth. It is a subject of curiosity here, but according to doctors, it may be the jaw size that might determine the number of wisdom teeth you can have. That’s interesting, right? But, it will be deciding the number of times you are going to have wisdom teeth removal!

Not only that, but your lineage may also determine and play a significant role in that. But, in the general case, most people have at least one wisdom tooth. It can be an effect of a random genetic mutation that traditionally arose thousands of years ago.

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Watch Out: Your Wisdom Teeth Can Erupt At Any Time!

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The famous Guinness World Records mentions that the older individual ever to grow a wisdom tooth was 94 years! There is a wide variation in ages when this eruption can occur. It can also be a 65-year-old person to have wisdom teeth just when it is erupting.

Again, wisdom teeth erupt in the most practical scenario when an individual is in his early twenties or late teens.

Thought Of The First Impacted Tooth? The Records Were No Less Than 15,000 Years Ago 

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When these third molars don’t find enough room to grow normally, they often get stuck in the jaw and fail to erupt completely. These teeth are thus known as impacted. The skeleton of a woman aged between 25 years to 35 years who died around 15,000 years ago is known to have the oldest recorded case for such a scenario.

This particular case was enough to throw doubt on the theory, which notes that impacted teeth are a form of modern ailment. It claimed that these changes get caused by the most recent changes in a person’s dietary habits!

Many Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Extraction!

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Why is it that you hear of the wisdom tooth only when you have to remove them? Admit it. When they are out of the jaw, it is no less than a smell like that of a chipmunk’s pouch! But, in the process, there is more to that.

A wisdom tooth, in general, is extracted to prevent future problems or correct a current prevailing issue effectively. Some of the problems which may occur when a wisdom tooth erupts are:

  • Sometimes, the wisdom teeth break partway along the gums. It causes the flap of gum tissues to cover them completely. Meanwhile, germs and food particles can get trapped under this flap, and thus, the gums can become swollen, reddish, and painful. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is essential to be strong at the jaw! At Health One, you can experience the best dental care services with the top dentists for you.
  • Secondly, your jaw can be smaller to provide room for the molars to erupt. They can also be unable to break the gums. Medically, this is known as impaction. 

There Is Scope For Nature To Solve It, Though!

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In good light, scientists believe that evolution may eventually be responsible for solving wisdom teeth. That means people in the future may not have wisdom teeth at all. Isn’t that great? 

Wisdom Teeth As “Scar Of Human Evolution”!

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Many of us believe that wisdom teeth and tooth removal have never served any purpose for thousands of years, right? That may not be the case. Think of yourself in a timeline in a prehistoric frame when you would need some powerful choppers to cut your food. It is when your wisdom teeth came in! But now, our plates are refined to the extent that these third molars find little importance for the majority of us, right!

The Number Of Roots That Each Tooth Plays Along With The Game!

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Whenever a wisdom teeth and tooth removal procedure need, it is much easier before the roots start to take hold. Unfortunately, when the roots get formed, they are like a full-fledged tree that is painful to cut. A wisdom tooth typically has three or at least two roots, but they can have many. In the rarest case, reports claim to be five roots for a 70 years old individual. 

The Bottom Line

While it can be painful to extract your wisdom teeth, it can be fun knowing the facts before having the molars flushed from your mouth! Get the facts on wisdom teeth and removal work for you to be more accurate in information on treatments and dental procedures. 


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