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7 Things to Check When Buying a House

7 Things to Check When Buying a House

Buying a new house is an expensive, overwhelming and emotional process. One cannot simply just buy a house because it looks good or the dealer is saying it’s good. Yes, trust your dealer but one also needs to have some criteria about this kind of procedure. Buying a house is a long-term commitment after-all. One needs to be absolutely sure before choosing a house to buy where he or she will be living, preferably for an extended period, with their family. There are many things to discuss and check before accepting any offer. Some of them are negotiable and some are non-negotiable. We have selected things that everyone who is trying to buy a suitable house should check thoroughly. Of course, it’s a highly personal decision and differs from person to person. Read the given checklist and find out which are negotiable for you and which are deal-breakers so that you can find your dream home.

Check Your Price

First thing to check is your wallet; how much can you afford and are willing to spend for your dream house. If you don’t keep a check on that aspect then your dealer may make an offer that perfectly suits your taste but you can’t afford it. This will leave a bad feeling in you and your dealer will lose motivation. Give your dealer a hint about your ability if you don’t want to disclose everything.

Check the Area

Next thing to check is the area of the house. You should evaluate this according to your tastes. If you want to be around people and stay in a friendly community then look for that. If you want to stay mostly with yourself or your close family then avoid crowded places.  This is the only point which depends on your feelings entirely.

Check the Security

Tastes may differ from person to person but security is the same for everyone. So, check the house properly. Check the electricity and plumbing, check the fence, the yard, the doors. Check if there are any alarm systems like CCTV or wireless interconnected smoke detector for fire security. Check how far is the police station.

Check the HVAC

HVAC or heating, ventilation and air condition are very important for a house. It’s going to determine whether you are going to melt in the summer or freeze in the winter. Check what kind of HVAC the house has. If it’s suitable for your usage, then it’s a plus point.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Kitchen

Again this depends on you. If you have a family or have the desire the form a family in the future then see if there are at least 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen should in an open space inside the house so that it doesn’t become too messy while cooking. It’s for safety also for beauty.

Schools & Hospital

See if there is a school near the house for your children. If it’s walking distance or biking distance then it’s another plus point. The hospital shouldn’t be too far. You need to be able to go there quickly in times of emergencies.

Check Your Feelings

Now this brings us to the basic point. Buying a house is a very personal decision to make. The house proposed to you may have all these points and more but still, you may not feel comfortable or relaxed there. Trust your feelings.

A house needs to be a place where you can live happily and feel safe. Only then it becomes a home. Otherwise, it’s just a hollow structure to you. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on an empty construction. Take your time and find the house that speaks to you.


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