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USB Extension Cable : Everything You Should Know

USB Extension Cable

By the time changing technology does wonders, there are so many surprising products that help us for making our life easy. The USB extension cable is one of them that uses for many work, before we move further let’s take a look.

What is USB Extension Cable?

USB cable also called a universal serial bus was invented for simplifying the process of connecting the computer with hardware like a printer. After the invention of the USB cable, there is no more various connection of cable needed in the computer. Universal Serial Bus(USB) is a type of industrial cable which is used to connect with various devices. It can be connected with computers, peripherals, and other devices. USB –C is the most recent one and there are 11 different connectors. Till now, there have been four specifications which are USB 1.X, USB 2.0, USB 3..X, and USB 4.

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USB was first released in 1996 and the standards of making USB is been maintained by the USB implementers Forum. Nowadays, USB cables are commonly used as charging cables instead of charges as it will serve different purposes. It can be used for sharing files, and also charging your devices.  

USB cable is one of the best inventions that happen in the world. USB extension is a wire that helps to connect the computer with the peripherals when the peripherals wire is not enough to connect with the computer. The main work of a USB cable is to extend the reach of a USB port which is originally didn’t reach into the device.

USB Extension Cable

It goes from male USB to female USB .it is like a standard USB cable. a USB cable length can be 0.5m to 15m according to your budget and needs. Nowadays every piece of hardware can connect with a computer by USB ports. There are many types of USB connecter some of them are:

•          USB A

This is the most common USB port among these. The type of this USB is flat in a rectangular surface.

•          USB B

This is a square shape USB and connects with a powerful device.

          USB C

This is more famous and found on brand new laptops and smart phones. It is more powerful than other USBs.

•          Mini USB

It was used before, nowadays nobody uses it for computers and it is used for cameras and music players.

•          Micro USB

Small in the size it is now the most common use USB.

Some of these connectors have in both males and females.

Why USB extension cable is one of the best adventures that happen in our generation?

The advantages of USB extensions are various, so let’s talk about them.

There are many ways in which USB cable makes your life easy.

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•          Fast data transfer

With the help of a simple data cable, you can easily transfer the data from one device to another device

A normal parallel cable takes hours of time to transfer data and send 115kb per second but a high-quality USB contain 12 Mb per second, so can easily save your time just by the use of a USB cable. But many people are not aware of this fact.

•          It is a Lightweight Device

You have seen many companies make lightweight laptop or device they don’t have a parallel cable port and have a space for USB cable so if you are using a device like then don’t worry you can use USB cable there because it has the parallel connector in another side.

•          Multiple device Connectivity

The USB hub can be used to connect more than 5 devices but in parallel, you can at least connect, also if you are worried about slow down of laptop in various device connections then you can purchase devices at any time. It has a power USB hub and it generates electricity from the nearest socket, so you can use the USB hub by didn’t worry about laptop performance.

          Used in charging Mobile

You can easily charge your mobile phone with the help of a USB extension cable, you can also charge your mobile by creating electricity from a socket; it is better than your mobile charger.

•          It can give power to many devices

When you connect your USB cable to a laptop it can give power to many devices like a printer to mobile. It can charge everything that connects with a cable so just USB cables turn your laptop into a power hub of charge.

•          File transfer

Have you ever been in a situation when you have to transfer a file but don’t have an internet connection don’t worry USB cable also helps with this situation you can easily transfer your file mobile to a laptop without an internet connection, a USB extension cable gives this facility?

•          Say no to data fluctuations

It is annoying when you are transferring a big file and laptop excess an error and file again start to transfer, USB extension cable also save us from this situation, the chances of error in the file is reduced when we use a USB extension cable.

•          Easy Availability

USB extensions are very easy to find in the market you can easily buy them at any technical shop or online so if you don’t have one then just get it because it is very easy to access and easy to use and importantly use for various work.

Overall the USB extension is very affordable, easy to use, and can use in doing multiple tasks and it can be accessed easily can easily transfer data speedily, and can connect various devices in one.

There are some limitation USB Extension Cables

The basic USB 1.0 is now faded and USB 3.0 is not used commonly so USB 2.0 commonly used, the reach out of USB 2.0 is common, so it is good if people purchase it wisely because minimal length is 2.0 and maximum length 3.0 and if you want to break this limit then you can do that by self-powered USB hub.

•          Connector can also do work as a charger connector, most of the devices can use only as a USB A cable, there is a certain type of which type of connector to use in device Laptop and PC.

•          We can use a USB type A cable for laptops and PC, these are comfortable with a USB A cable.

•          The size of the USB cable is very limited and can’t be stretched. This was first developed to connect it between the same top tabletop devices and peripherals not between different rooms.

•          Some Peripheral devices require a very large amount of speed and it is not supported in all USB cables.

There are lots of examples of peripheral devices which are used for connecting with USB. They are keyboards, Video cameras, Portable media players, Video cameras and disk drives, Portable media players, and disc adapters. With the increasing popularity of USB cables, it has replaced different interfaces like Parallel ports and Serial Ports.

Main Objectives of USB

•          The main objective of USB is to simplify the process of transferring devices by connecting it between personal ad peripheral computers.

•          USB Cables are standardized and can be used to connect any peripheral devices for transferring data.

•          The USB connectors are hot-swappable. It means that the devices and files can be transferred without restarting the host computer.

•          The chances of errors are very less and it improves reliability.

•          Small devices can be used to power directly with the user interfaces. It reduces the need for an additional power supply as you can transfer the files easily.

•          USB devices don’t have user adjustability or user interface settings.

USB Mass storage

USB mass storage devices have been designed to support flash drives, It is also used to connect it with different magnetic drives. The extension can also be done it means that the novel device is designed in such a way that it looks like the same device. One another main usage of USB mass storage devices is that it can be used in the transferring executions of software applications. Although, USB is not used primarily in transferring a computer’s internal storage. The USB storage device has the advantage of giving permission for hot-swapping. Through this; it can be used by Mobile devices.

Human Interface Devices

The USB devices can be used with the older computers which used PS2 connectors. These devices present two HID endpoints to the system and use a microcontroller to perform bidirectional data translation between the two standards.

What is USB Bridge Cable?

They are data transfer cables which are found in the market and us used for transferring files from PC to PC. They are used to share files between two computers with the help of USB extension cable ports. It is a special type of cable which has a chip and has active electronics in the middle of the cable. This chip act as an intermediary between the computers.


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