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Official study documents are prepared by academic translation in different languages, usually for graduate education and academic career purposes. So what is academic translation? Translation made in accordance with the meaning of the word patterns used in the academic language is deemed academic. For documents, petitions, articles, and theses written for many different faculties and fields: “How to translate academic papers?” We can answer the question as follows: It is the work processes that translators, who are experts in article translation, do carefully and meticulously in accordance with the academic language. Academic article translation providers services in a wide variety of languages ​​that are used academically. If necessary, you can get a retranslation service by using the editing services if there are translations that you have made yourself and are not sure about.

Do You Need Academic Translation / Translation?

If you do not have time for translation into a foreign language besides your academic studies, you can save time by getting services such as thesis translation and article translation from us. Thanks to the English article translation services, you can submit your internationally valid work more easily. As a professional translation agency, our academic translation online services help you complete your work faster so that you can get easy service from your location. You can get information about our services with the academic article translation examples in our references.

Would You Like to Quickly Communicate with the Consultant of Focus Translation Office?

For academic article translation jobs, we recommend that you first meet with a Focus Translation Office consultant. The reason for this recommendation is that we want to direct you to our translators who are familiar with the translation of articles in English and in other languages, who are familiar with the target language and the field. We ensure that you take successful steps in your academic career with our professional services in simultaneous translation , which is frequently preferred in the academic field . Our experienced translators are always there to support you.

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You will receive 15 years of professional and academic service from experienced translators

Based on our 15 years of experience in academic article translation services, we provide academic translators with the quality you need and acceptable to institutions. We translate professionally, institutionally and internationally or nationally valid documents with our translators who have knowledge and experience in technical, academic and legal translation issues in article translation. We offer a fast and complete translation service with our expert staff for everyone who has been addressed with the question “What is academic translation” even once in a lifetime and needs this type of translation. You can contact us for notarized translation and all other translation services as well as academic translation online services.

What is Academic Translation? Why Is It Made?

After the answer to the question of what is academic translation, it is possible to answer the question “how to translate academic articles” as follows:

  • For academic article translation services, command of the academic language is in the first place.
  • The purposes of article translation services are thesis writing, academic article writing, and academic document editing.
  • In addition, we have article translation services for the acceptance of internationally valid projects.
  • Important Considerations When Performing Academic Translation / Translation
  • Things to consider in academic article translation services:
  • Translation in accordance with the purpose of the document or document
  • Not only good knowledge of the language to be translated, but full command at the academic level
  • Important features such as ensuring subject integrity are extremely important details for article translation service.

You can try to work with us for the best quality academic article translation samples. A large number of clients who choose us for academic translation advice make up our wide range of references. So, what kind of documents do we translate?

What Kind of Legal Documents Or Texts Are Translated?

Academic article translation services cover a wide range of fields. For this reason, we provide services in many fields and with different difficulty levels for our article translation studies. For every service we provide, academic article translation prices vary according to many different factors such as the number of pages and the language to be translated. However, in general, the fees of the documents we translate are determined according to market standards. Within the scope of the professional services we provide, we work with an expert team for you. Generally, academic translation is much more reliable when done on recommendation. We also have a very large reference list. The services we provide are among our references that we increase more and more every day with this reference:

  • Theses
  • Articles
  • International publications
  • Petitions
  • Academic legal documents.


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