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An overview for Migrating to SharePoint Online

Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365 is an essential element in the conversion and modernization of an enterprise. This has been validated as many businesses enabled their departments and teams with global access to improve collaboration and increase productivity to address the current issues.

While it is correct that the SharePoint server has been an excellent partner for collaboration, Office 365 or DropBox to SharePoint Migration, which has been created to improve and digitally modify your business and implement universal connectivity has become unavoidable. 

Difficulties of Migrating to SharePoint Online 

There are several points to consider while migrating and SharePoint Migration is no different. If you are looking to Migrate SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online or any other related migrations, you are likely to face a few difficulties. Even after migrating successfully, the chances of errors and drawbacks are very high.

Here is how: 

  • The migration speed will be modified if the internal servers are not configured correctly. If the speed of the internet is not reaching the necessary bandwidth, it will also increase the migration time. You can use a Virtual Desktop Cloudto increase efficiency.
  • There will be a huge loss of data particular to workflows, content types/columns, and web elements at the source due to the inadequacy accounting of these components.  
  • Replaced templates and unfinished users will lead to failed migrations if not considered at the source level.
  • Confidential libraries and lists, protection of item IDs, external files, and records without accurate versioning will also cause unsuccessful migrations if not considered at the beginning.

Third-party SharePoint migration services are designed to eradicate these limitations and overcome difficulties encountered while SharePoint Migrations. Their unique migration plans, designed by a team of experts will ensure a successful migration, in the estimated time and will also help you by providing constant assistance before and after the migration.

The approach towards SharePoint Migration

A successful SharePoint Migration needs careful analysis of resources & elements to be transferred to design a full-proof plan. Estimating threats and difficulties, preparing for them prior to the migration and, implementing the plan to success are the three essential components to look at in a third-party service. The capability to create successful migrations is only possible if you develop a powerful strategy, intended to execute the perfect migration. 

The migration process can be divided into 3 different stages: 

  1. Planning Stage: Take a more extensive look at your present data and list down all the expected locations and fields where there is a probability for error before getting started with the migration process.  
  2. Execution Stage: Replicating the data and storing it securely, analyze your data and build a procedure to migrate, and update your site structure by redesigning and editing it to satisfy the requirements and specifications of your business to maintain proper workflow.
  3. Final Stage: Also known as the Review Stage, Review the source as well as the target and execute cross-referencing to make sure that the migration was completed successfully. 


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