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Barrister Babu Written Update : Review of Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu Written Update

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Sarting Scenes

The episode begins with Bonditta taking out Malika’s locket and examining its contents. There is only one photo here, according to Bonita. Malika claims you’re familiar with Batuk’s rage because he tossed the knife after a dispute with her. He hides a picture that Batuk finds lying around. Batuk instructs Bonditta to let them go for the time being and tells him to do the same. As a result, Malika tells Bonditta that she has a form of Anirudh and inquires if she can temporarily take over her marriage. She informs Batuk that she must come into Malika’s chamber by 11 or come to Bonditta’s room.

Some persons come to the house and say they are here to invite Barrister Bonditta to reward her for her efforts. Batuk informs them that Bonditta will be unable to attend because of his prior commitments. The general public believes that perhaps he misunderstood their desire to honour Bonditta. The group is yelled at by Batuk, who orders them to leave. Bonita thinks she senses someone other than her spouse Anirudh.

 Bonita’s Trun

This is the first time Bonita has confronted him about his behaviour, and his response is, “I told you so.” It is Batuk who says he wants to make some decisions without consulting her. If, as Bonita claims, you intended me to win many awards, why do you want me to sit at home and do nothing? Batuk reminds everyone that it’s late and they should go to bed. As Batuk has informed me, the road to Kolkata is not safe, and I don’t want you or the child to suffer any injury due to this. Bonita is told to go to bed by Batuk. Bonita nods off.

Fake Letter

Tapur wrote a fake letter, but she didn’t write it; instead, someone else replicated my handwriting. It checks in the opposite direction. She insists that we find out what happened. Mallika is mesmerized by what she sees. Bonita had the urge to throw up. Trilochan makes his appearance. Batuk thinks back to what Trilochan had said. He reaches out with his hands and scoops up Bondita’s vomit in his palms. He bolts from the room because he’s sick to his stomach.

Batuk holds Mallika’s vomit in his palm, and I immediately recognize his behaviour as a clone of Anirudh’s. Bonita, are you feeling better? Batuk inquires. In the room he shows her, he asks her to rest. She apologizes, saying, “I felt horrible since you reprimanded me a lot.” She believes you’ve changed. He apologized. She tells me I’m incorrect, you haven’t changed, and you should be punished for my erroneous assumptions. He feels you should be punished and given some downtime as a result of your actions. She takes a seat.

He goes to wash his hands when he sees them. He claims that I will be unable to bear this. He says, doesn’t know how Anirudh used to deliver Bonita. I can’t hold her; she is mad. I m waiting for Anirudh’s son; then I would toss Bondita out of this house. Bonita wakes up. She sees Anirudh’s image and says I adore you. She hugs his pic. She receives a call. She answers. The man says I got the audio recording. Do you want to hear it on call, or will I send it home? She asks him to play it.

A Surprising Call 

She hears Batuk on call. She says it looks like Anirudh’s voice; play it again. She’s taken aback and thanks to him for his kindness. She says no, Anirudh won’t be able to pull this off, and she’s not the only one who thinks so. Batuk notices Bondita’s prize as she shows it to him. He had a vague recollection of what the stranger had said. To prove your pride in becoming a barrister, I’ll put your pride on display where it belongs. He hurls the trophy. Bonita is there, too, he notices. She sobs and begs you not to create an excuse for how you’ve changed.

Trilochan appears and keeps an eye on things. She claims she learned about your involvement in blocking my calls through the phone exchange. At first, I thought she was making a mistake, but… after witnessing you smash the trophy, my faith in you was shaken. The person in the background apologizes. Her words were, “You promised me that you would become a competent lawyer while also being good in relationships.” She asked, “So why did you change while Lord doesn’t change?” She also said, “Now that I know you aren’t my Anirudh don’t know who you are. Tell me, who are you?” Trilochan has a lot of doubts. Sampoorna pulls him aside and tells him that he must respond to her since his wife has questioned him. He gives a nod of agreement. They’re on their way.

Batuk is visible because of his glasses. The man says you wanted an answer, so I’m here to provide it. I’m your Pati babu Anirudh, and I was hoping you could go with me, not ahead of me. Nope. You forgot about us. I was thrilled when people called you barrister babu Bonita. Now I’m not so thrilled. People don’t talk about me. I feel bad. She’s shocked.

Honest Apology

He tells her that she does everything without consulting her Lord, and he apologizes for breaking her trophy, which she earned for becoming a barrister. He says, “Sorry to break your trophy; you got it for becoming a barrister, I had shown you that dream that you were dependant on me, you decide everything now, is that right, no, this is wrong, you have become famous now, you don’t need me now, that’s why I broke this, my ego got hurt.

Please don’t cry; I know you love the baby and me, so you will stay as my wife and mum and not a barrister. The next time you answer the phone, tell them that barrister Bondita doesn’t stay here. Will you do that for the sake of the baby? That is your decision. If you don’t love the child and me, then you won’t listen to me. Otherwise, you don’t love us. He leaves with the words, “I love you, Bonita,” in his mouth. She sheds a tear.

He’s sitting there, mouth organ in hand, playing. Mallika shows up unexpectedly. Bonita breaks down and sobs. A man’s ego crumbles in the face of his love for his wife when Sampoorna shows up. Bonita expresses her disbelief, saying, “I can’t believe Anirudh can do this.” Mallika believes I’ll be forced to tell Bondita the truth about Batuk’s death and my relationship with him. She receives Batuk and a photograph of herself. Because Diya claims she’ll only give the light, and Anirudh says he’ll never disrespect women, I need to learn why Anirudh suddenly changed his tune.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1 – What’s Anirudh’s age and Bonita’s age difference?

He’d married Bondita in the same alter where the dead groom had been married, as if by instinct. And Bonita had always known in her heart that she owed him her life. Even though child marriage was pretty prevalent at the time, Anirudh would never have thought of Bondita as his wife, given their 9-year age gap.

2 – Barrister Babu ended with Sourav’s death, but how exactly did it happen?

Anirudh, Bonita, and Sampoorna’s lives are thrown into disarray when Saurabh (Dev Aditya) dies… When Anirudh and Saurabh plot to fight Saudamini, Saurabh will wear Anirudh’s disguise. Unarmed, Saurabh takes the fatal gunfire intended for Anirudh, sacrificing his own life.

3 – Is there a romantic relationship between Mallika and Sumedh?

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s mythological show’s Radha and Krishna actors Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mugdhakar have reportedly fallen in love. If there’s more to it, I’d be more than happy to discuss it.” They aren’t even dating, according to Mallika.

4 – Did you ever find out Radha’s social status?

The Radha is a caste of Hindus in India’s Uttar Pradesh province who identify as Radha. They’re Hindus who adhere to the Radhaswami sect, and they’ve grown into their caste. The community considers itself to be descended from the Ahir tribe of Barsana, according to local legend.

5 – Is it worth watching Barrister Babu?

Another Great Show on India’s Television! This heartwarming tale of a husband and woman set in British India in the early 1900s is Barrister Babu. Anirudh educates Bondita and turns her into the region’s first “Barrister Babu” when women’s education was considered wicked.


This is a lovely show that portrays the reality of Indian women in society; something colorstv excels at. Many people believe that child marriage is terrible, but they have no idea of the circumstances behind the union. Many people have panned this play and many others like Balika Vadhu, but they’re drawing attention to the realities of life for women in certain parts of India, even if they make it seem and sound nice with the costumes and music.

On the other hand, in India, and even now in some localities, women’s education has a long way to go. I enjoy a few shows because they depict the harsh realities that women face and how they overcome them, including Na Aana Iss Des Laado and Pinjara Khubsurti Ka.


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