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You Stand to Save Money When Buying Medicines Online

Buying Medicines Online

In these uncertain times, with the next decade already being called the lost decade by financial forecasters, it’s never been more important to save money wherever you can. It may seem impossible to really save much in the way of money when it comes to your medications, but that’s only the case if you are dealing with an American pharmacy. If you use a Canadian, primarily-online pharmacy like PricePro Pharmacy you stand to save money through a host of different means.

Let’s talk about first of all the difference between the American and Canadian healthcare systems, because they are truly understood by your average American. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, you are American, why would you have an intimate understanding of the Canadian health care system? First of all, medication isn’t free to them, the tax system simply offsets the shelf cost, making sure that everyone can get their medications when they need them regardless of their immediate financial situation.

As an American, you can exploit a loophole here, because places like https://www.pricepropharmacy.com will sell you the immediate shelf price cost, albeit with a slightly additional cost through shipping fees and customs fees, but the taxman isn’t going to come calling to offset. Along with this, entirely online pharmacies have no brick-and-mortar overhead, allowing them to implement several competition and customer retention measures. These include discounts, loyalty programs and even waving of shipping fees during certain situations.

If you compound these altogether, you can stand to save upwards of 60% in certain situations with your medication through a pharmacy like this. While we aren’t here to be political, if you have strong political views about the American healthcare system and big pharmaceutical companies here, and you want to see change, the only way you can ensure this change is by making a statement through your pocketbook. If you don’t like a company or an institution, not giving them their money is the easiest way to get everyone to listen up.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about understandable safety and legality concerns you may have, given the way big news companies are obviously incentivized to paint this in a bad light. First of all, the safety concerns were actually due to other countries, countries that we have more shaky trade negotiations with anyhow, selling counterfeit or unapproved medications, something that they weren’t legally entitled to do within American borders anyhow. It is no longer possible to get a hold of these dangerous, unapproved or counterfeit medications, and Canada adheres to the same strictures that our own FDA does when it comes to inspecting and approving medications. Actually, they are a bit more strict than the United States in many cases, so you are actually safer with the Canadian pharmacy that an American one in many cases. Canada does not see the same ubiquity when it comes to class-action lawsuits due to medications turning out to have unforeseen effects. Sometimes this is still unavoidable, but this is a very American thing.

As for legalities, you can buy your medications from anyone we do have an open trade agreement with, and our neighbor to the north is one we have some of the strongest trade agreements with, for understandable reasons!


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