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Bunker codes warzone and locations Must Know Map

Bunker codes warzone

Bunker code warzone is an interesting game which has many seasons like dramas which are updates and modified time to time. Every new season contains new and more interesting opportunities that increase the zeal of your interest of bunker code warzone. Bunker code warzones is like a shooting video game in which you get all the gifts  hidden in the map.  There are many maps available in bunker codes warzone but you can change the map according to your own choice.

All Bunker code warzone seasons

In the new season of bunker codes warzone there are many bunkers hidden in the map with new opportunities that increase the interest of the players in all the six seasons of bunker code warzone. If we are in search about all the information of all the seasons of bunker code warzone then this article is only for you and you come to a right place.

Alle Bunker code warzone season six

The latest season of bunker code warzone is season six and it is newly updates season among all other seasons. In bunker code warzone season six the players must have the task of playing in two zones of WORLD WAR II. Among the features of bunker codes warzone, the most important feature of bunker codes warzone six that the players does not need any special access or codes to play the bunker codes warzone season six.

Bunker codes warzone and locations

As we know that bunker codes warzone season six occurred in World War 2 then there are following locations of the season six available which are as

  • The first location of bunker codes world war season six is north of the Airport maintenance area.
  • The second location of bunker codes world war season six is northwest of Radar Array.
  • The third location of bunker code world war season six is inside the Boneyard, head north to silos.

Warzones old bunkers details of season six park

There is no determination of this fact that in season six how many bunker are open or not in bunker codes warzone season six World War II. But there are many codes available you can accessed ay one of these codes which can open.

The warzones bunker codes of season six are as

  • First code Park (nuke) [10] 60274513
  • Second code TV Statio: 24795810
  • Third code Prison: 72948531
  • Fourth code Farmland:49285163
  • Fifth code south Junkyard [01]: 97264138
  • Sixth code North Junkyard [03]: 87624851
Bunker codes warzone

From all the above mentioned codes bunkers of world war season six some codes needs special access while other don’t need any access. For access the codes you need are three codes which are 01, 03, and 10. There are also loot able locations available but they also needs keypad codes. For unlocking level and grab everything and gifts you have to need all these bunker codes of World War II season six. The loot able locations consists of 2 further locations

  • Farmland area
  • Prison which is located on the south west side.

Warzone bunker codes rebirth

Original location map

Warzone burker code season 4

The location which we explain now are free location that are freely access. From this free location if you wish you can start your game. We can explain you all this in details although you can observe it on location map. Let’s have a look at these Bunker codes warzone.

  1. Bunker code 00

          This bunker is located in the south side below the cliff side roads. You have to get off from this cliff so that you can find the road.

  • Bunker code 01

          It is on the kart racing track on its southern half side. It is located near the track you can’t face difficulty. Bunker code 01 intersects two roads.

  • Bunker code 02

     This is on the same side as the bunker code 1. It is on the north side of the road on bunker code 02.

  • Bunker code 03

It is the hidden code of warzone bunker code season six. It is located above the bunker code 2.

  • Bunker code 04

It is also a hidden code but difficult to find it.

  • Bunker code 05

It is in between two sites. The sites are crash site and arklov site.

Warzone red access card bunker

We mentioned above already that all the bunkers don’t need special access but there are few bunker that need special access like red card access or other access. The red card bunker code is the most important among all the other bunker codes.

But the problem is that this red access card is not available easily or you can’t get it easily. It is very difficult to find out red access card bunker. You can only get this red card only in ordinary loot but this card is also available in VIP loot but there is very less chances that the card you get is red access card or not.

Bunker codes warzone

Another way of getting red card

There is other way of getting red card access and it is quite easy and simple. This is the very simplest way of getting red card from another player. The only thing you have to be done is to kill the other player and he is holding a red card and after killing you can easily get his red card but you have to kill the other player in any situation.

Ways to enter inside warzone bunker II

In warzones map there are many bunkers hidden in it and these all bunkers are already opens in the previous season till season 5. But there are many new bunkers available for season six World War II hide in the map. The mysterious bunkers for season six is Bunker 11. It is located on the north side of the map near bloc 23 and it is very complicate to find it but there are a lot of fun in finding and solving this complicated question.

The secret bunker for season three is easily available and identifiable in the map but the bunker of season six is more complicated to find. But we can hope that we can easily find it in the upcoming seasons and so it is properly mark in the map.

Season 6 guides

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  • Season six nerfs and buffs
Bunker codes warzone

Warzone Season six weapons

There are two important weapons of season six of Bunker codes warzone.

  • Butterfly knife
  • JAK- 12

Season six operators

There are also two operators of season 6

  • Nikolai
  • Farah

Warzones burken codes playstations

There are six warzones available in season six

  • Rumble mode
  • Battle royal guide
  • Stimulus trios mode
  • Plunder mode guide
  • 200 player warzone
  • Juggernaut royale

Stadium lock door There are bunker codes available in stadium doors but these bunkers need special access for these codes. But there are powerful weapons present inside the doors and the players can use it in World War II season six. But to open these bunker you have to access red card after that you can open these Bunker codes warzone otherwise you can’t. First you have to struggle for getting red card so that you can open other


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