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Want to go one-on-one with the dealer? Learn the card rules here

card rules here

Card games have always been a fan favourite among the Indian players. We seldom come across a group of people who are enjoying card games on footpaths, under flyovers and even sometimes in the fields. This type of game is also extensively enjoyed by people of all age groups. Friends and families can join the fun of playing 3 card rummy in a get-together. 

The popularity of card games reached an unprecedented height when game developers brought the card games like 3 card rummy in the form of apps and games. Moreover, while the card games like 3 card rummy were being played in real life, two or more people were required to play this game. But after the digitization of card games, entertaining oneself through card games became much more easier.

All you will have to do is download and install the game on your smartphone (the card games are available across all platforms iOS, Android, etc.), tablet or any other device. Open the game, and you can start playing your favourite card games like 3 card rummy. Bringing the card games into the virtual world has made it easy for players to enjoy the game properly. 

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Play card games on online platforms to earn rewards.

Step into the world of card games

If you are someone who likes to play card games extensively, then this article is for you. As a card game enthusiast, you may already know about Rummy and other online card games. Rummy is one of the most sought after online card games played in India. Moreover, this game is 100 percent legal as instructed by the Supreme Court of India, where rummy has been categorised as the game of skill.

Skill is a very important aspect you should keep in mind while you are playing Rummy. For starters, you will require good observation skills, swift decision making and quick thinking. With a proper blend of skill and strategy, you can nab the game.

Apart from the classic rummy game, there are multiple variations that have streamed from the original one. Out of 500 variants of the classic rummy game, one of the famous variants of this card game is 3 card rummy. In this article, we will know more about 3 card rummy, how to play 3 card rummy and the rules of this game. But before that, we should learn about the best platform to play this exciting card game.

Best gaming platform for 3 card rummy

After the card games became digital and created a separate gaming genre for themselves, there have been multiple apps and platforms that started attracting users to play the card games on their platform. To make things a bit more interesting for the users, game developers have introduced the means to earn rewards such as coupons, gift vouchers and sometimes cash rewards while enjoying the game (but the catch is to win the rewards you will have with matches). 

But there is an online multiplayer gaming platform where you can play and win cash rewards not only by winning but also by simply participating in the games. Yes, it is entirely true, and the name of this online multiplayer gaming platform is GetMega. It is a 100 percent secured gaming platform where the players can enjoy the game and win cash rewards simultaneously. If you are an online card game enthusiast who is eager to earn money using your gaming skills, then you should sign up and start playing 3 card rummy in GetMega.


Play 3 card rummy in GetMega

How 3 card rummy is played

As mentioned earlier, 3 card rummy is a very popular variant of the original rummy game. This game is also very popular in casinos as well as online gaming platforms. The 3 card rummy is also termed as Vegas 3 card rummy. The primary objective of this game is to obtain lesser points than the dealer himself (hence, going one-on-one with the dealer). To completely win the game, the value of the card you hold should be less than what the dealer is holding. The game is simple yet so fascinating. Now let us delve deeper into the whole concept of this game, mentioning its rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations of playing 3 card rummy

The rules of 3 card rummy are very simple:

  • Both the dealers and the players can obtain a total of three cards.
  • The cards of the dealer are dealt face down, and the player’s cards are dealt in a face-up manner.
  • The Ace is the lowest valued card in 3 card rummy.
  • When the game starts, you will have to make the ante bet, and it is mandatory (ante bet: in order to compete in a bet against the dealer, each player will have to make a bet first, and that bet is termed as ante bet).
  • Another optional bet can be conducted against the dealer, which is a bonus bet. Unlike the ante bet, you won’t have to win against the dealer to win the bonus bet. The only condition to win the bet is that all of your cards together should equal 12 points.
  • The player with the lowest card will win the bet.
  • While playing, there are two options, a player can either fold, or the player can place the bet. (when you call fold, that means you don’t want to play any further)

The following is the card value in 3 card rummy:

  • Face value of the card= 2 to 10
  • 10 points= K,Q,J
  • 3 of a kind, 3-card suited run, 2-card suited run, Ace= 0 points

How to win a game in 3 card rummy

The 3 card rummy game is simple, but you will need both skills and strategy to win in this game. In this article, we will provide you with some simple tips that can help you win the 3 card rummy game.

  • If the value of the cards in your hand is more than 21, then you should fold.
  • Bet only when the total value of the card in hand is less than 20.
  • Making a bonus bet is always a good idea.

Among card games, 3 card rummy is exceptionally simple and fun to play. If you want to enjoy the game to its full potential, then sign up and play 3 card rummy in GetMega. In GetMega, you can not only appreciate the game but win cash rewards at the same time. 

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