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Discover The Most Popular CBD Extraction Methods

CBD Extraction Methods

With the recent boom in the popularity of CBD oil products over the last few years, the methods for the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis plants have also developed.

The extraction process is an incredibly important consideration as it will impact the purity and efficacy of the final product. The chosen method can also make a huge difference to the scale, costs, and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Why Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil products are enjoyed all around the world by many different kinds of people.

Reported benefits of using CBD are said to include:

  • Pain relief
  • Treatment for anxiety
  • Treatment for depression
  • Treatment for acne
  • Treatment for insomnia
  • Symptom relief for cancer patients
  • Protection for brain health
  • Protection for heart health
  • Relief from drug addiction
  • Relief from alcohol addiction

More research is needed in the field of CBD use to confirm any of these potential benefits. However, preliminary data from early trials is widely considered to be positive in many regards.

CBD Extraction Methods

There are multiple different options when it comes to present-day CBD extraction methods.

The method of choice will depend on the scale of the production process as well as the desired intention for the final product.

Read on to discover two of the most common extraction techniques.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon extraction is one of the most well-known and widely used methods on the market today. This is not only true in the United States, but in other parts of the world also. This technique can be used to extract THC, CBD, and terpenes from the cannabis plant.

Hydrocarbon extraction has become such a popular method due to the high quality of extraction that is possible coupled with the relatively low cost.

As the name would suggest, this technique requires the use of hydrocarbons as solvents to remove the desirable chemical compounds from the plant.

Successful hydrocarbon extraction will leave no hydrocarbon residues in the final concentrate, although it is occasionally the case that a trace amount will remain.

Food-Safe Cannabinoid Extraction

When extracted CBD oils are going to be used in edible food products, it is essential that these oils are completely safe for consumption.

This safety can be achieved by opting for an extraction process that uses natural oils in place of solvents. Plant-based oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp oil are all safe and effective choices.

It is guaranteed that no harmful residues will be left behind when CBD is extracted with this method. However, it will take longer than extraction processes that utilize solvents, and it also becomes harder to achieve a high concentration. Additionally, the concentrate will not have as long a shelf-life as products created from a solvent extraction process, meaning they are less commercially viable.

Which Method?

For those who wish to extract CBD for use at home, the food-safe cannabinoid extraction method is certainly a suitable choice.

For products produced at scale for commercial reasons, hydrocarbon extraction is likely going to be the most practical solution.


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