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6 Killer Techniques for E-Commerce Businesses to Boost Customer Experience

E-Commerce Businesses

Your customers are more concerned about the customer experience you provide rather than the fancy promotional campaigns you run. According to research, 63% of all the customers surveyed were willing to exchange more information for a superior customer experience. Your ad campaigns can only entice them once, but to keep them coming back, you need to do something extra. 

After all, the e-commerce sector thrives on repeat business which is only possible when you remain focused on the customer’s needs and requirements. A standing example is Amazon, a company that transformed from a bookselling website into the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace because of its customer-centric approach. If you are now wondering how your e-commerce business can become more customer-focused, here are some innovative techniques to boost customer experience.

1. SSL Certificate for Security and Credibility

Your customers will visit your website to make a purchase, and you don’t want them to get the wrong message. This is likely to happen if their trusted browser shows a security warning when they try to browse your website. You can prevent that by installing an SSL certificate on your website, which activates HTTPS.

If you seek to expand your business in the future by adding more subdomains, the ideal solution would be to install a wildcard certificate on your e-commerce website. This is a unique SSL type that can encrypt the primary domain and all its first-level subdomains automatically. You can take it to the next level by opting for a wildcard SSL with the organization validation (OV) feature. The OV validation indicates the legitimacy of your business and confirms that the certificate authority has verified it.

2. Create Personas of Potential Buyers

To deliver an outstanding customer experience, you must have a thorough understanding of who your buyers are and what they expect from your e-commerce website. You can do that by creating buyer personas, which are imaginary representations of your customers. Each persona should be designed to represent a customer segment based on common traits such as age group, occupation, etc. 

For example, if you sell holiday packages on your website, you can build personas based on regions, interests, and age groups. This allows you to segment users and offers them the kind of service they might be interested in. You don’t want to scare away students with expensive packages, nor offer budget holidays to those in their forties.

3. Personalized Experience

Every time you look for something on Amazon, several other products are curated based on your search term. If you get busy for a while and get back on the app, you will still see the last product you searched for along with related recommendations. Now, this is the power of AI and machine learning algorithms that can curate results based on the user’s actions. 

By leveraging the right technologies, you can personalize the shopping experience, and that works extremely well in delivering a superior customer experience in the e-commerce business. Studies indicate that 91% of users prefer to buy from places that remember their choices. It reminds them of what they were looking for, and the recommendations help them explore similar options. 

4. Provide Exceptional Customer Support

When you run an ecommerce business, there will be returns, exchanges, and other problems that customers run into. For this, they may contact your customer support team, and you can be sure that no one likes to wait. So, you must hire well-trained professionals in your customer support team to provide speedy resolutions. 

In addition to that, you must develop other resources like the FAQ section and Chatbot to reduce the number of queries. Also, make sure to provide support through multiple channels such as calls, live chat, emails, and messengers. As many customers shop while working or commuting, they are likely to prefer messaging over calls.

You can do all of that by using an advanced customer ticket management solution that lets you keep customer issues organized. These tools let you prioritize tickets and streamline communication to provide better support to your customers. Also, it lets you track the response time of your customer service team members, which helps track efficiency. 

5. Provide Adequate Information

Gone are the days when you could put up pretty pictures on your e-commerce website and crack sales. It would be best to tell people more about the product, which is only possible through detailed product descriptions and related blog posts. If you sell apparel, this could be about the latest fashion trends with references to products listed on your website. Besides helping the customer pick the right outfits, the content also helps boost your website’s SEO.

6. Guest Checkout

You’d be amazed at the number of people who get off a website and abandon a random purchase because of the annoying sign-up page. That should be optional for anyone purchasing on your e-commerce site, and you can do that by providing a ‘guest checkout’ option on your website. It is important to build a customer base but not at the cost of potential sales. Instead, you can add the “guests” to your email list and reach out to them later with an incentive to sign up. It could be a welcome coupon, a discount, or anything else that can get your inventory moving. 

7. Virtual Product Trials

Augmented reality solutions allow customers to virtually try on products. This could be accessories, dresses, etc., that the user can experiment with by uploading their picture or video. The technology is fresh, innovative, creative, and fun — something that’s bound to provide a superior customer experience. 

Final Takeaway

In the e-commerce business, there is little interaction between the buyer and the seller, and this disconnect can be very frustrating. You can overcome this hurdle by deploying the right technologies to deliver a superior customer experience. This is important because it increases customer retention and reduces the customer acquisition cost. As a result, profits are maximized, and your customers have a reason to recommend you to others on social media and other platforms.


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