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Everything You Need To Know About Juvenile Law In 2021

Juvenile Law


Juvenile law is something that all teenagers should be aware of. But unfortunately, we do not take the laws revolving around teenagers seriously enough. We only focus on laws in general that affect adults.

In this article, however, we are going to stand out from the crowd and talk about the ten most important things about juvenile law that teenagers should know of.

Since you are reading this article, I bet you are a teenager and want to know everything about Juvenile Law. All kids should know about juvenile law because it would make them act more responsibly; they will know that they cannot get away with everything.

It also prevents them from becoming notorious criminals in the future. Here is some information on Juvenile Courts in Gwinnett County. So without further adieu, let us get into it.

Everything You Need To Know About Juvenile Law In 2021

These are the things that every teenager needs to know about Juvenile Law in 2021.

Number 1: Searching and Interrogation

A teenager should know about the process of search and interrogation. Some people think the police can only search if they have a search warrant, but in reality, the police or any legal authority can search and interrogate you if they are suspicious and have probable cause.

When some legal authority comes to search you, be polite about it and give in. Never resist these kinds of things as it will make you fall in trouble. 

Number 2: Miranda Rights

I hope you are aware of what Miranda’s right is. Those are the rights that are read to you when you are arrested. The most important part of this right is the right to be silent.

You, as a juvenile, must know that you can stay silent. If a police officer is asking you a lot of questions, you can politely refuse to answer them.  

Number 3: Right to an Attorney

Of Course, you have a right to avail the services of an attorney. Every individual living in the United States of America has the right to an attorney if they ever fall in trouble.    

If you are detained, then you must ask for your parents or your lawyer. Parents generally think their children are saints and want them to come clean in front of everybody, but you should always seek a lawyer’s help if you get involved in something shady and dangerous to society.

Number 4: Detention

You can be detained even if you are underage; detention does not depend on any age. But things are not serious when an underage person is detained.

The child will be handled by an intake officer who will determine the severity of the charges, and after that, your parents will be called first. 

Number 5: Trial Process

In the case of a juvenile, there is no jury in the trial process. There is only going to be a judge and a few other government officials in the trial process. I would suggest you let your lawyer do all the talking.

If you have committed some serious crime as a teenager, then you must keep quiet and pay respect to the court as these little things are taken into account by the court and help a teenager to get a reduced sentence. 

Number 6: Transfer to Adult Court

The one common question that all teenagers ask is that if they could get sifted to an adult court. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality.

If the court finds out that you cannot be rehabilitated within the Juvenile laws, then you can be transferred to an adult court.

Final Thoughts

There you go, that was pretty much everything you needed to know about Juvenile Law in 2021. I hope this article has given you some insights into Juvenile Law. If you have some further questions or feedback, I would suggest you drop them down in the comment section.


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