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Fortnite Epic Games started battle against Apple and Google

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It is not possible to install your favourite games just because the new battle started between three giants Fortnite, Google and Apple. Fortnite bluffed epic games one of the most downloaded games of Apple play store. A week ago, there was a chance for you if you are a fan of epic games to download it from Apple paly store or Google’s, but unfortunately, it is not available for you to get the fantastic game on your screen.

Fan’s favourite and world famous game Fortnite epic games

The epic game was launches as one of the most famous and iconic games of the world, having millions of downloads each month. However, it has vanished from these massive platforms for the fans to relish the previous experiences of the game.

Fans could upgrade epic game features after paying 99 $ when it was available on both play stores of Apple and Google. Players can also avail the new character and a few unusual features after paying the currency, which is the official currency used in the world of the game. The official currency of epic games is calls V bucks. 

 Fans could also upgrade their subscriptions to the next levels of the games, which is sure the fantasy for every fan of epic games to reveal the new plot of levels.

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How it all started between Fortnite and Apple

Previously, the official’s controller of game reduced the price to 8 $ if fans could purchase the V bucks directly via epic games instead of through play App stores. It was provides fans with a fantastic opportunity and was a great offer from Apple. But it was not prove as suitable deal in favour of Google and Apple because both companies got a reduction in App sale last week, which was obviously disastrous for the overall business of both.

Apple’s quickly reacted to that cut off by prohibiting the Fortnite from its platform, and fans cannot download it from the play store of Apple. 

However, players who have downloaded it earlier may be able to run it on their mobile phones. 

There was a swift response from Epic by making a parody of the oldest and famous commercial of Apple of 1984.

It was evident that both were aware of quick responses and knew already what would occur if they reacted against each other. 

Response from Google to fortnite

In this battle, Google also took part by banning Fortnite and removed its downloading for Google play store. For Samsung fans. They have still chances to download it from their play store and can install the game on their mobiles.

They also can get it from fortnite epic games if they are willing to install it on their mobiles.

Experts consider it the best time for backlash from Epic. Earlier this month, all chairpersons form the companies of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and apple attends a meeting arrange by the committee of Congress to probe are giant companies have active participation for illegal battles to throttle the foundation of starting companies that could destroy their sale and shares worldwide. However, the meeting was disseminate yet coveres the whole delve into the controlling practices of companies after the probe of one year long.

One cannot regard it as a new legal or anti-competitive battle because it happened for so many times in the past when there were restrictions of the Amazon for selling its books straight from the App Kindle on the Play stores of Apple. 

This is not finishe yet you cannot purchase any reading literature form Apple via kindle app until you run a website and utilize the App on your mobile. The condition for the epic game is not similar though, and you might purchase currency of play, via the platform, however, there may be a reduction in purchase for Apple.

Apple refused to allow xCloud service of Microsoft

There is a recent announcement from Apple that it will not permit xCloud to run on iPhone that is obviously prospective game service from Microsoft predicted to be launched soon. xCloud comprises of game pass Ultimate of Microsoft which will provide excellent service for a mobile user to play Xbox games through their mobiles by utilizing streaming technology which is going to offered by the Microsoft soon. But Apple has refused in advance to allow these service to run on its App Store.

How Samsung user will have an edge for xCloud 

Though you will have the chance to enjoy xCloud services on your android phone yet it is not so straightforward to use. The complication is that you will not be allowed to purchase any material from the google play store, but in the case of Samsung users, you can buy it from the play store of Samsung. It contains complications for an average user who do not know about current scenario going around these tech giants. Thus, it is compulsory for a gamer and mobile user to keep an eye on all situations and the latest tech news suggested cheap essay writing service as they have researchers and writers to search the latest technical news and assignment topics.

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The final review of current situations

Google does not take an epic withdrawal and banning a severe problem for its services. But it is not easy to say similar about Fortnite as it pushed the name two years ago and made a comeback in previous months. Thus, saying anything too early would not be accurate about the experiences and new plans of Fortnite due to its recent return this year.

But it is visible that fortnite Epic games wants to continue the competitive battle which has been begun between these. Epic is presenting open challenges to both Apple and Google in responses for banning its games form platforms of both tech giants. Apple has reiterated earlier this month that it won’t deviate from its policies and rules it had made for all platforms and services. 

How you can download Fortnite without Apple and Google

You can still download and install the Fortnite on your Pc, mobile, Xbox and play station but using alternative channels rather than considering google play store which is not going to allow you download it for the time being due latest controversy with fortnite epic games. 


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