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Free Android Apps that pay you Bitcoin

Everyone likes to get a little more crypto in their wallet—especially when they’re not supposed to buy it. In the past, it has been mined only by employing further encryption. With apps and dapps more common, people begin to find more ways to get cryptography. Specific applications help you win Bitcoin for games, while others send you like currencies in return for other tasks. In any case, the applications are an excellent way to make money. The recent infusion of crypto-currency apps that enable users to take a bit of crypto home helps introduce blockchain technology to a new wave of citizens. Try these applications and get cryptocurrency earnings quicker than ever. For accurate and the best information, you should visit https://bitcoin-prime.app/.

Spells of Genesis

Developed by EverdreamSoft, is one of the best Bitcoin android & iOS games, without a doubt. It’s a hybrid brick break and collectible card match that is one of the pioneers of the modern cryptocurrency-based in-game economy – Bitcoin Blockchain. It is one of the most popular. Unlike regular collection card games, players can pull monsters and warriors off a deck and minimize their opponents’ life points. Warrior’s spells allow players to use their cards to strike or throw a fireball at their opponents.

Cards and fitness ratings have various attacks. How you play the game differs from the winner to the loser. In this game, you can trade and combine orbs (generated by a few cards) to design robust games and test them against competitors while you enjoy the mythical Asian world. Generally, it is easy to learn how to play this game when you have time and commitment! This game has its BitCrystals tokens that are built on the gaming platform in Blockchain. These BitCrystals are a Bitcoin Blockchain-related cryptocurrency. You can win Bitcoin from the game directly or collect Bitcoin cards on other platforms.


When Bitcoin has reached a certain level, this app sends updates and maintains you with Bitcoin news. However, it is not suitable for day traders since you must manually enter your holdings.

Satoshi Quiz

We can’t complete the list of the best games to win bitcoins and don’t name Satoshi Quiz. When you register, you will start answering questions from different categories, such as history, films, books, geography, general information, etc. You need to log in to the website and be among the first three users to get a query correct to win Bitcoins.

The prizes for various questions vary, and under the “prize this question” tab, you will know the total award for a matter. You get ten lives at the start of the hour. Your lives are decreased by one each time you reply wrongly. This means that if you answer ten wrong questions, your lives will be exhausted, and you must wait the next hour to live on. The minimum withdrawal balance is eleven thousand satoshis and weekly payment processes.


Spare Users ask for cash, which is then sent a barcode to a shop. The cashier checks the code and returns money to the extra customer.


This game is made for following the principles of bitcoin mining. It gives the players a memorable experience. What makes it unique? During the fun time, players will deal with practical tasks like reparation of data centers, air conditioning costs, rent, and power bills. Players can perform mini assignments, update data centers, play side missions, and more to increase mining capacity. RollerCoin offers an award block every 5 minutes based on their mining power shared by all players. The minimum withdrawing balance is 10,000 satoshis and up to two days for payment collection. If you have problems and questions about gambling, you can quickly contact customer service via live chat. This is a spinning sort of game. It provides many opportunities for mining and earning bitcoin through various methods.


The wallet helps you buy and buy digital currency and control your cryptocurrency in the most convenient way.


Contrary to Candy Crush, which uses candy symbols, this game uses Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. Players must combine these symbols in the form of cryptocurrency in this game.


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