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All about the free fire Rewards online game in 2021

Free Fire rewards

Free Fire Rewards : Everyone started seeking mobile phones and online games for recreation and entertainment. Nowadays, online games are played by everyone. Lockdown has made all of us install and play online games. After few days, those games became rare. But, one game stood all its way in popularity. Yes! The free fire online game is all we will be seeing about. We would have seen many people playing free fire. At one stage the game became an addiction. Because of all the interesting and unique features, free fire became outstandingly amazing. Free fire has stood the best of all games. In India, free fire online game is still the best for game addicts.

Free fire online game has many amazing and alluring features to stay updated. Unlike many other online games, free fire has many codes to continue the game. We’ll be seeing all about the redeemable codes of the free fire online game. If you have not tried the free fire online game, try it as soon as possible. You will surely love the game. To stay well-versed in the free-fire online game, follow the instructions carefully and play the game. Make sure to use the right code while playing the game.

All of us would have played or even heard about the free fire Rewards game. Free fire is an online game that is becoming popular nowadays. But do we know all the specifics about the free fire rewards reedeem for online game? No! Let us know all the information about the free fire online game! Let us gain knowledge about the game and start playing!

About this game: In a free fire, eighty different players will be located on a battlefield in one batch of the game. There are many batches that can be created by the user. The game allows players to invite other friends to the online game. Players use many different types of weapons to fight with the other players on the battlefield.

Free Fire Redeem Codes 2021:

Free fire, a battle royal game can be played in both Mobile and Emulator. Millions of players are addicted to the free-fire online game. There are no age restrictions for this game. If you are new to this game, know that fire-free has redeemed codes also.

What is the use of redeem code in the free fire online game?

If you are a free fire game addict, you would have known about the free fire Rewards redeem codes. These redeem codes are useful for the players to collect and use weapons during the game. Without spending, money players can purchase and use the code. In the free fire, players can change their dressing style, cosmetics, skin tone, hairstyles, and many more features. All these features are free of cost. But some features need to be bought. These kinds of products can be bought using money or redeemable codes. By money, it is not real money that is being spent. All the features can be bought using diamonds. Diamonds are the currencies of the game. Investment in these diamonds can make you purchase the features.

The free fire redeems code has twelve different twelve characters. These codes are a combination of capital letters and numbers. A free fire redeemable code even has validity. Before the validity expires, the player must use the codes. So, make sure you use the redeem codes before expiring. Free fire redeems codes will help the players purchase diamond hack, royale vouchers, many other rewards. Also, if the number of maximum redemptions reaches, the redeem code will stop working.

Free Fire rewards

How to use the free fire redeemable codes?

Beginners note the procedure and start playing the free-fire online game with full enthusiasm. The player must copy and paste the code. The code must be pasted on the official Free Fire redeem code redemption website. Initially, the player will be asked to sign in through the account.

How to redeem free fire code 2021?

To redeem the free fire codes, follow the instructions step by step:

1. Click on the below link to visit the Garena Free Fire official website.

2. After entering the official website, log in to your account like Google, Facebook. You will find this option on the right side of the official free fire website.

3. Login with your details. Also, the free account will show errors.

4. After logging in, paste your redeem code in the box present.

5. The code will be a 12 Character combination of capital letters and numbers.

6. After pasting the redeem code, click on the `confirm option button to continue with the process

7. You will see the verification message.

8. Click on the ok button to proceed further

9. Here you go. You will receive the rewards for the free fire.

10. Check the mailbox for the rewards

Do you know?

If two or more players try to redeem the same code from different locations, an error message will pop up- “You failed to redeem the code, this code cannot use in your area.” 

Make sure to paste the right code and stay updated.

Free Fire rewards

Latest Free Fire Redeem Codes for Indian Server:

If you are an Indian player, you can grab your free fire redeem codes on websites like Kode Redeem Free Fire, Kode Redeem FF Garena, Free Fire Redeem Code site, Free Fire Rewards Redemption site, Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes website, Garena Free Fire Redeem Code, and many more.

Where is the journal option in Free Fire?

The Free Fire journal icon can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the in-game lobby. If you are unable to find out the button, you will find an icon that has the initials of ‘FF’ on its cover. Click on the icon, and you will find an in-game journal. The journal will have all the collectibles in the game. If you are a person not playing the free fire game often, you may not find the weapons, collectibles, and map locations.

Sections of the journal, in the free fire online game:

For you, you have to complete the journal in two sections- discoveries and weapons.

1) Discoveries:

Discovery features encompass all the exploring in-game map locations, certain events, and vehicles. The player will have to visit all the locations on the map. After that, the player will be able to gain a free chest of rewards. After completing each part of the journal, the player will receive in-game rewards.

2) Weapon:

The weapon feature is easy compared to the discovery feature. The main objective of the future is to learn, explore and unlock all the guns in the game journal.

The options encompass rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and also melee weapons. The player will be given recent weapons if the sub-option of a weapon is completed. Also, the player will be receiving free rewards.

The following are the codes for free fire game:

  • GROZA skin
  • AK47 – Urban Raer
  • SKS – Urban Rager
  • SPAS12 – Urban Rager
  • AK – Imperial Rome
  • Kar98K – Imperial Rome
  • FAMAS – Imperial Rome
  • MP5 – Imperial Rome
  • Bumblebee – Rattle
  • Bumblebee – Sting
  • Bumblebee – Swarm
  • Pharaoh’s Eye
  • Pharaoh’s Wings
  • Pharaoh’s Rage
  • PARA FAL – Persia Prowess
  • Bounty Token

How to redeem code by using Free Fire Rewards redeem code on Garena Website?

  • Visit the Garena Free Fire official redemption website – https://reward.ff.garena.com/Login using your Google or Facebook accounts
  • Enter your free fire redeem code in the given box
  • You will receive the GROZA Operano Sheng skin, a Step-by-step guide
  • You need to launch the Free Fire game
  • Open the Luck Royale section which is seen on the left side of the website
  • After opening the Luck Royale section, select the Weapon Royale option which is found on the left side of their screen.
  • A spin wheel will appear
  • You will have to spin the wheel
  • Get the GROZA Operano Sheng skin and other rewards.

Free Fire City Open National Finals: Redeem Codes

Do you know the free fire open national final level redeem code?


This is the free fire open national final levels redeem code. Redeem the code as soon as possible. As you all know, every free fire redeems code will come with validity. Before it expired, use the code.

FFCO National Finals: Garena is offering free rewards:

If your membership card achieves the viewership milestone, you will receive two in-game rewards.

You will get a free 20X Green Balloon Tokens reward. You can use this reward to redeem the features or characters for the fore-coming free fire schedule games.

Once you complete the 200,000 live watching milestone, you will receive a free Shake With Me Emote.


In conclusion, the free-fire Rewards online game has attracted many millions of people all over the world. If you are a person who is addicted to free fire, do not miss this chance. Grab your free fire redeem codes and start winning. Free fire redeemable codes are super fun and exciting. Unlock the next levels and keep going!

Happy gaming! 


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