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How Do I get the Internet Speed In Dead Zones?


This past month, I’ve done nothing rather than complaining about the internet. Then, I stop cursing the internet and started paying for gigabit speeds. I have no option left and I started feeling like my whole house become a dead zone.

If such questions are also troubling you, then fret not! We have the answers. In this post, you will get to know a few but valuable tips get the internet speed in dead zones. Keep reading!

So, stop cursing your internet, stop paying for gigabit speeds and consider the tactics given in this post as the best option for you.

Do you have a modem?

Though Modem plays an important role in providing you the accepted internet speed you are paying for, it is not capable of covering all the dead zones in your house. To cover all the dead zones in your house, you have to ask your ISP to upgrade it or replace it with new one. Consider a modem that is capable of covering all the blind spots or dead zones in your house.

Where you have placed your modem?

If you own a small house, a modem is enough for covering dead zones. But if you have hide your modem just for its ugly looks or something else, then you might not get internet in dead zones of your house. So, place your modem openly and let it provide you internet in dead zones.

Have you opt for Netgear router?

Yes, you read it right! If your modem is not proving you internet in dead zones even after placing it openly, then why don’t you opt for Netgear WiFi router? The smart WiFi router by Netgear is capable of proving you internet speed even in dead zones, no matter you have a big house or small. You just have to set it up via routerlogin.net. And once you set up the Netgear router, it will do the rest for you. means it will provide you a that kind of internet speed like you have never experienced before.

Where you have placed your Netgear router?

Setting up Netgear router is not enough but the placement of it matters a lot. After the Netgear router setup, if you have placed your router in a corner or away from reach of your modem, you might not get internet in dead zones. So, simply choose a center location of your house near to your modem for Netgear router in order to get the blazing-fast internet connectivity in dead zones.

Have you updated the Netgear router’s firmware?

Yes, this tip can also help you in getting the internet connectivity in dead zones of your house. Simply update your device’s firmware by following the Netgear router login on-screen instructions. It is also suggested, if you are a non-techie, do not update Netgear router’s firmware on your own. Seek for technical advice and get the job done from the comfort of your home.

From where you following the instructions to set up your Netgear router?

If you are still experiencing no internet in dead zones, ensure that you have set up your device properly using the exact instructions given in Netgear router manual. Not only this, but also ensure to provide the correct routerlogin details to get into the setup page of your device. On the off chance that you are facing any sort of trouble while going through the manual, then you can also follow the instructions on Netgear Genie setup wizard for the installation of your device. Just log in via routerlogin.net, provide the admin details and when the setup wizard displays, walk-through the on-screen instructions.

Hopefully, by applying the tips mentioned in this post have come handy in providing you the internet speed in dead zones. If you are still struggling with the same issue, feel free to shoot your concerns into the comments section.