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How Serverwala Managed Dedicated Server is Best For E-commerce Websites in China?

E-commerce Websites in China

If your business is growing day by day and your E-commerce websites are experiencing high traffic and slow web page loading speed, then it’s time to scale up your existing hosting plans or upgrade your resources. The web host provides various kinds of hosting solutions such as shared hosting, SSD hosting, or VPS hosting. You can opt for the appropriate and best one to manage your E-commerce website. But still, if these plans are unable to fulfill your E-commerce website requirements, you can consider the top-level web hosting, i.e., a Dedicated Server China. A Dedicated Server is a kind of web hosting that is exclusively devoted to a single client. Whether it is about upgrading your plans or managing your E-commerce website data, Dedicated Server is a fully-featured web hosting that gives you plenty of exclusive perks and state-of-the-art features.

Through this guide, you can get valuable information. So, you can easily comprehend why Serverwala’s Managed Dedicated Server in China is best for your E-commerce website.

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How Managed Dedicated Hosting is Best?

Managed Dedicated Server is a kind of remote hosting in which the web host provider handles all the server activities, including Setup, administration, support, or complete management for your E-commerce website. The resources and services are completely devoted to the specific users that ensure your E-commerce website data alone can be hosted on a server won’t be affected by any of the obstacles that may arise while data sharing. Apart from that, it gives you bundles of reliable and scalable resources with the flexibility to upgrade your dedicated resources. Along with these, Managed Dedicated Server China furnishes you with High Security, Proactive support, auto-scaling, bandwidth, File storage, and much more. Also, comes with fully featured and enterprise grade benefits. Thus, best to manage your E-commerce website data in China.

Advantages of using China Dedicated Server


Managed Dedicated Server as per its name suggested proffers you completely managed and dedicated services. It has come up with bundles of predominant and high caliber benefits with customer focused support. So, we compiled the list of exclusive China Dedicated Server Hosting perks for managing your E-commerce website data. It includes:

With the best software and hardware specifications, Dedicated Server in China gives you a huge Hard Disk Drive(HDD) and Solid State Drive(SSD) with reduced redundancy to speed up your web page loading time and Extreme Performance.

  • A Dedicated Server ensures you 100% Uptime Guarantee with constant server monitoring services, redundant cooling, and emergency generators.
  • It gives you 24/7/365 Expert and proactive Support via Live Chat, phone call, Skype, Whatsapp, and ticket system.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting China ensures Intuitive Management for your E-commerce website data with full SSH and root-level control.
  • With the Uncapped Bandwidth, you can freely handle the huge amount of user traffic on your E-commerce website.
  • Full Root & Shell Access (SSH) gives you the entire server control to make server management and configurations as per your E-commerce website requirements.

The above high caliber benefits give a chance to enjoy the exclusive benefits of Cheap Dedicated Server China for easy management of your E-commerce business data. So, you can organize your information and data in a well structured format. Now see the reason to choose China based Dedicated Server for your E-commerce Website.

Why Should You Host an E-commerce Website on China Based Dedicated Server?

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A China Based dedicated Server boosts your E-commerce website performance and enables web pages to load at a rapid pace. In an E-commerce website, website speed plays a very important role because lowering the speed means losing potential customers, losing sales, losing revenue, and much more. Therefore, a China Dedicated Server hosting eliminates the speed-related issues to give you an end-user experience. So, look at the below mentioned facts that enhance your website performance with reduced downtime.

Server Flexibility

The Dedicated Server furnishes you elevated flexibility. So, with the powerful hosting package, you get full root access to configure your server for your E-commerce website. Dedicated Server Hosting China gives you greater flexibility to configure your website to manage and organize data through the control panel options. So, without facing any problems like a shared server, you can manage your E-commerce website data with root shell access and enable the flexibility to install various custom applications and scripts.

Proactive Secure Hosting platform for corporate organizations

The China Dedicated Server is highly opted for managing large organization data because of its greater and improved security. Security can be a big bug when talking about the shared server. So, a Dedicated Server in china is the choice that ensures greater data security by giving you top class DDoS protection, Antiviruses, Malware protection, password-protected security, end to end data encryption security to keep defended your E-commerce website data.

Maintaining IP Reputation

A Dedicated Server provides you a completely unique IP address to host your E-commerce website, which has its own premium benefits. In the case of a Shared Environment where server IP’s are shared. If one site gets affected, then it affects all the other websites too. So, this degrades your IP reputation. Thus, to avoid such problems with your E-commerce website, a Dedicated Server China is the best choice that ensures a unique IP address to manage your IP reputation by yourself.

To Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting in China, Choose Serverwala


Web host providers are the primary aspect to take your online business towards success. So, before choosing the ideal China Dedicated Server Hosting provider, ensure you get fully featured and best in company standard services and support for your E-commerce website. For that, you can choose the Serverwala Cloud Data Center as one-stop solution for managing your E-Commerce website as it ensures greater server flexibility, helps to manage your IP reputations, gives you proactive security, complete root shell control, uncapped bandwidth, and much more exclusive benefits to manage the E-commerce sites. Thus, considered as one of the best and perfect web host providers for your E-commerce business.

Final Words

Having a Dedicated Server China Hosting gives your E-commerce business the best and user-friendly environment to securely manage the data. It might be a bit more expensive than other web hosting, but it reduces all the management tasks and problems that affect uptime, speed, and website performance. When you buy the cheap Dedicated Server china hosting package by Serverwala, they will help to set up your e-commerce website by ensuring greater security software patches with 24*7 technical support. This will encourage you to always maintain your E-commerce site data efficiently and smoothly.


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