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How to Archive Emails in Outlook – The Easy Way to Do It!

How to Archive Emails in Outlook

How to archive emails in Outlook is a question many people often ask. When using an email service like Hotmail or Yahoo, it is easy to store all of your email addresses within your account. However, what about if you want to download your email onto your computer so you can save it to a different server, or just store it for future use? Manual instructions for this step usually apply to Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2021, specifically. If you like to control where your old emails are stored and when they are archived, there is a fairly simple process that you can follow.

To begin, click on the Outlook toolbar at the top right corner of the screen. You will see the main pane with all the buttons, plus the folder tab. The folder tab has four options: Use All, Inbox Only, All Folders, or No Folders. If you just want to store your new emails, select the “Use All Folders” option. Otherwise, if you want to review and archive your old emails, select the “All Folders” option.

If you are now ready to begin the process of how to archive emails in Outlook, you will first have to go into the “Mail” section of the preferences. Here you will find the section labeled “Microsoft Exchange Server (EAS)” and you will need to click on the arrow next to “Outlook Express.” Outlook will now prompt you to choose the “aultoisabled mailbox.” If you are not sure what this means, it is probably due to an upgrade you did while using Outlook Home Edition.

When the “aultoisabled mailbox” prompts, click on the “New Mailbox” icon and then create a new email account. Once you have completed this step, it will be necessary for you to click on the “uronnect” icon and then on the” Archive” button. Now when you click the archive button, all the emails in your Inbox are copied to the specified archive folder. Once the emails have been copied, the folder will be marked as “aged.” This means that they have been downloaded to your computer’s local hard drive and are available for you to view or delete at a later time.

how to archive emails in outlook

The next step on how to archive emails in Outlook is to go to the “Mailboxes” section of the upper left navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and then select the “Old Inbox.” You will see two lists of the old items you want to remove. One list will be for deleted items and the other one will be for unread emails. Click on the “Remove Old Items” link under the unread email list to permanently remove the item from your Inbox. Note that when you attempt to remove an email, it will appear under the following categories: spam, bulk, and unread.

Third :

The third step on how to archive emails in Outlook is to right-click on the selected emails and then click “Get Info” to access the applicable information regarding the emails. You will notice that there are two folders listed; your user folder and your autoresponders folder. Your user folder contains the emails you have read or messages you have sent out while your autoresponder’s folder contains the emails to your prospects have requested to receive from you. If you use Microsoft Outlook 2021, you will also see a folder called Application folder which holds all the application emails you may need in Outlook.

Fourth Step :

The fourth step on how to archive emails in Outlook is to choose the applicable Autoapse option from the drop down menu of the “Mail Folders” pane. Autoapse will open the Auto Antarctica pane where you will see all the email messages that are scheduled to be received over a period of time. You can select the days, times, and dates you want the emails to be delivered or deleted. By selecting Autoapse, you will be able to manage multiple mailbox at the same time.

Fifth Step : How to Archive E-mails in Outlook ?

The last step on how to archive emails in Outlook is to double-click on the Auto Archive icon. You will notice that there is now an “undelete folder” icon on the right pane of your screen. This folder will contain the email messages that were deleted. When you click on the “New” icon, you will be asked to enter the name of the email account where the message was sent from. Click on “OK.” and then you will be asked to select the location where the selected message was saved so you can retrieve the file.


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