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How To Change Name In Pubg in 2021

How To Change Name In Pubg
How To Change Name In Pubg

How to change name in pubg is one of the most popular things for new players to do. In any game, your primary objective is to earn money and be on the top. To do this, you should get good cards and build up your cash stack as high as possible. To change your in game name in pubg, you will need a “nickname change” card. Keep in mind that this card isn’t free and will usually cost players 9.99 USD.

To purchase the card, just head over to the shop and to the products section. There, you can choose the kind you want. Most times, these name changes cards will come with a redemption code. If you don’t have a product code, you can usually just buy the whole pack and redeem the code at a later date.

Purchase Card :

Once you have the “nickname change” card, it is time to try your hand at making money. This is actually harder than it looks. In pubg, you can’t just throw away any card and take your money. You have to use certain strategies in order to change the name and earn points. For example, if you see a name that you like, but the other players don’t, then you can still call that player and ask him/her if he wants to play with you.

how to change name in pubg

In return, he will probably want to buy you a card. Be sure to get one or two cards before asking for a hand, so that you have something to play with. This will keep you from getting eliminated early. The first round usually starts with a person picking a name and the others trying to guess whose it is. If nobody has guessed the name by the end of the first round, the person with the most votes wins. However, this rule does not apply if there are more players remaining.

How To Change Name In Pubg ?

Next, after seeing a new name, each player gets a card and tries to guess whose it is. If nobody knows who owns the name, the winner gets to choose it. If you have a high win rate in a game of Pubg, you are a big contender for the name you will be given. There are many strategies you can use in order to get the “nickname change” prize. Some of these are the following:

When you are on the table, always call before playing. Some players just buy the cards when they sit, leaving the caller open to being double called upon them. This is bad, as the caller will have the chance to play against a weaker hand. Always call when you have a strong hand. Don’t play it safe by calling without having the strength to hold off a big re-raise. This will usually work against you if you have an early position

It seems like common sense, but some people play under the name they were given as a kid. You should always play under your full name when playing in a game of How to Change Name in Pubg. Even if your full name is “Bob,” people might think you are “Barry.” If you want to change your name, use “Barry” or something similar. People won’t let you play if you show up under your real name.

In How to change name in pubg, the last name is sometimes used. Sometimes the caller will just say his last name and never the person’s middle name. If this is the case, just write down the middle name and use that in your call. Always start with the last initial in the person’s first name. The rest will fall into place.


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