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How to Check your airtel number Quickly in 2021?

How to Check your airtel number

Airtel, which was founded in 1985, is a significant worldwide telecommunications corporation with operations in around 18 countries spanning Asia and Africa. Furthermore, in terms of customer count, Airtel is India’s largest cellular network service provider. Bharti Airtel has over 39% of the rural telephony market in India as of June 2019. It also has a huge following in India’s cities. Every part of the country is serve by this telecoms firm. How to check your airtel number ?

The organisation has always been at the forefront of providing the greatest customer service in the country, as well as robust 4G networks. This is why so many of us are eager to transfer from other networks to How to Check your airtel number. However, some customers get a new Airtel SIM, making it tough to recall the new phone number at first. This also causes issues when it comes to recharging your new number or giving it to friends. how to check my airtel number details?

How to check airtel number

Airtel provides a variety of options for finding out more about your mobile phone number. The business offers a variety of USSD codes that can be use to quickly determine a phone number. Additionally, the brand offers the sa“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““11111111111111111111111111111me features as its Airtel Thanks app How to Check your airtel number. The USSD codes can also be use to check other items such as balance, data, validity, and so on. It can be difficult to recall all of them, however. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to check your Airtel number. Let’s get start without further delay.

  • Method 1 how to check mobile number from sim

Using Airtel Thanks App

If you have a smartphone, the simplest way to retrieve your phone number is to download the appropriate app from your service provider.

Step 1. Download the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play Store or App Store in the case of Airtel.

Step 2. To validate the number, you will immediately receive an OTP on your mobile phone.

Step 3. Your mobile number is now visible on the homepage of this app.

Other details such as whether your phone number is prepaid or postpaid will be provide. You’ll be able to see your number’s data balance as well as current plans. You’ll also see details like the due date and total bill if you’re a postpaid subscriber How to Check your airtel number. This app displays a variety of information about their Airtel phone numbers, such as the presently active data plan, data balance, caller tunes, active services, plan activation and expiration dates, and much more. This app also allows users to quickly check their phone number.

how to check your airtel number
  • Method 2 how to check your airtel number on your phone

Know Via USSD codes

Unstructure Supplementary Service Data, or USSD code, is a set of quick codes used by mobile phones to get data from network service providers. This USSD technique can be use to obtain real-time and immediate service status information. When you require information from your cellphone. How to Check your airtel number, SIM card, or mobile network, USSD codes come in handy. These numbers are useful for system authentication, such as when checking the IMEI number of an Android phone. You’ll need to call a unique USSD code to do so. Follow these steps to know your airtel number via USSD codes :

You must have your Airtel SIM card in your phone. And the number must be enable to execute a USSD code. To put it another way, double-check that you can receive calls from the specified phone number on your cell phone.

Step 1. Now, open your device’s  dialer  and type in the USSD code: *121*1#

Step 2. Before pressing the call button. “Please wait while we retrieve your information,” a flash message will appear.

Step 3. You will receive a message with a great offer in a few seconds. And if you press OK on that message, you will receive another flash message. Your mobile number will appear in the second flash message. Finding your phone number is as easy as that.

Official USSD Codes

While 121 is the official USSD code for Airtel customers, there is another USSD code that is more straightforward and effective. You can dial the USSD code:. *282# and press the call button on your phone if you have an active Airtel SIM. “Hello, Your mobile number is **********. Before clicking the Ok button beneath the message. make sure you write down the number How to Check your airtel number.

There are more USSD codes you can use to find airtel number :

  1. Dial *282# to check your Airtel mobile number,
  2.  *121*1# to check your Airtel mobile number,
  3.  *121*9# to check your Airtel own SIM number,
  4.  and *121*51# to find out your Airtel number.
  • Method 3

Via customer care

Customer service can also help you locate your phone number. This is not the most preferred path, but it can be useful. From your cell phone, dial 121 or 198. This will take you to the Airtel customer support system. where you can select your preferred language as the first step. After you’ve chosen your language, click 1 to select mobile services. If you are a prepaid customer, you will now be require to listen to the IVR, which will display your cell number, balance, data balance, and even the validity of your balance.

Now that you have learnt about finding an airtel number, let’s have a look at how to check airtel balance?

  1. Dial *123# to check Airtel’s primary balance and the information will appear on your screen in a few seconds. The main balance is usually Talktime, which Airtel 4G users with modern all-in-one recharge bundles get for free. As a result, don’t be surprised if your balance is zero.
  2. Dial *123*10# to check your Airtel balance. This is only available to prepaid subscribers.
  3. The *121# USSD code used to inform you of numerous deals available on your Airtel number, but it now directs you to the Airtel Thanks app. How to Check your airtel number by qucik methods easily.
  4. When your balance runs out, phone *141# to get a loan balance for talk time or a primary balance.
  5. To find out how much internet you have on Airtel, dial *121#.
  6. Customers on Airtel 2G can check their internet balance by dialling *123*9#.

How to use the website to check your account balance, validity, and packs?

The Website is another way for customers to check their account balance, validity, and bundles.

  1. Airtel prepaid customers can use their prepaid mobile numbers to log in to their accounts on the Airtel website.
  2. After that, enter the OTP passwords that were delivered to your mobile device.
  3.  Customers can find all of the necessary information about your active packs on the first page.
  4.  On the home screen, click on the ‘View Packs’ option to see the details of the available plans.
  5. How to Check your airtel number ?

Check with self-care

Step 1: Go to https://www.airtel.in/s/selfcself-care 2:. Next, input your phone number and log in with the OTP (one-time-password) issued to your phone. How to Check your airtel number?

Step 3: On the tone-time-password dashboard, you will now see the airtel main balance and data balance.

What is the USSD code for checking Airtel data balance?

how to check your airtel number with code ?

  1. Dial *123# to check the balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number.
  2. To check Airtel 3G/4G net balance with airtel codes, dial *121# and enter 5.

These codes will inform you of the validity and balance of your data. These Airtel USSD codes can be used to check your data balance. How to Check your airtel number, main balance, and other airtel services. Check your Airtel phone number by dialling *121*1#, *121*9#, or *121*2#.


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