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How to CONVERT WEBM TO MP4 ? Follow this


In a world filled with much video content on the internet, the convert WEBM and MP4 formats have gained much-needed recognition in recent times. You want to watch insightful videos on the go as you commute to work or engage in any activity. However, there are some videos that you would never get tired of watching. Those motivational videos that get you fired up in the mornings. MP4 files have been known to have the best quality when it comes to video files. The videos you download to keep you motivated are most times in this format. 

Although the Mp4 came out earlier than the WEBM format, it is still a reliable source for many people. Interestingly, some people may not understand the differences between WEBM and the MP4 video formats. So, they wonder why it is necessary to convert WebM to Mp4 in the first place. Well, thankfully, you are reading this article. It is important to understand what these formats are, their uses, and their compatibility. This is imperative for you to gain insight into why you may want to convert WEBM to MP4

What is WEBM?

Google originally developed this format to help people looking for video and audio content on the internet. In most cases, when people record video streams, the file will be in WEBM. These video files have been compressed using a codec. This means that the compression of the file is done using a program that can perform changes or transformations, as some will say, on a data stream. For the WEBM format, the VP8 OR VP9 codec is used for the video. In contrast, the Vorbis or Opus codecs are used for audio compression. 

Why do people use WEBM?

convert WEBM and MP4

You may begin to wonder what the essence of using a WEBM format is when most tend to convert to MP4? The WEBM format has some peculiarities that make it stand out, one of which is the royalty-free media file format it operates. Arguably, it is the major reason why people enjoy using the format. It is designed for the web and is open to high-quality videos and audio to be posted. 

Another reason why people adopt the use of the WEBM format is the adaptability to different bandwidth conditions.  This means that even when the user has a terrible connection, he or she can still enjoy streaming the video. The WEBM plays with a particular browser from the web and can also be opened with media players. 

What is MP4?

This Is one of the most widely used video formats today. It was created in 2001 and since then has become a force to reckon with. It is more or less a file format that contains a lot of data that has undergone several compressions. Consequently, the files have become smaller in size than the WEBM or any other format. Here I the caveat, the reduction in the size does not affect the quality of the video. Hence, it is a super-friendly and portable video format that is compatible with many devices. 

MP4 formats can also play audio alone in case the video file is missing. 

What are the Differences between WEBM and MP4?

Both file formats are specifically made for the web and ensure that the user gains optimum experience while watching a video. However, there are significant differences between the two. For many people, when they download a video, it usually saves as an MP4 file. Asides from this file format being one of the most widely used worldwide, MP4 supports different devices. Users can use MP4 on divergent devices, such as mobile phones, personal computers, even at work. 

There is no limit to the compatibility of the MP4 format. Many have categorized this as the major difference between the two formats. 

Another difference is the codecs used for compression. For the WEBM, it has been stated that the VP8 or VP9 are used for compression. But on the other hand, the MP4 uses H.264 format. This had better quality than what the WEBM uses, hence another reason.

Therefore, it is evident why MP4 files are more recognized today than many other file formats.  With this, it is clear to see why people convert WEBM to MP4. 

However, in converting the file formats, you need a trusted video converter. It is possible that during conversion, some bits of information could be misplaced. Unfortunately, some converters do not do the job efficiently; hence getting an excellent converter that can help improve your conversions is imperative. 

How to Convert WEBM to MP4

convert WEBM and MP4

With the way the world views video content, there are many different options for converting WEBM files to MP4. You can either use free or paid converters online. Some people opt for software that can help convert the files quickly and efficiently. However, one of the best ways to convert your video is by using Evano. The program is effective and is run by an experienced company with many different conversion types. Depending on what format you want, you can check the options and get the job done.

With the right converter, you do not need too many elaborate steps. You can convert the WEBM file format in three easy steps:

  • There will be an option for you to choose the WEBM file you want to convert on the website. Once you click the prompt, you will be directed to your device to select the file that needs to be converted. 
  • Proceed to select the MP4 format that you want to convert a WEBM to. 
  • Click convert

In a matter of seconds, your conversion is done, and you can have the new MP4 file. The file will be of better quality with all the audio, video information intact. 


In no way are we trying to downplay the effectiveness of the WEBM format; however, the MP4 offers more benefits for people. The flexibility that comes with using MP4 is what makes people cling to this format. Finally, ensure that the converter you are using is trusted before subscribing. Choose the best to get the best quality. 


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