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How Will The New Technology Improve The Online Casino?

New Technology

Technology has an ever-evolving potential to change the way we operate as individuals and businesses. Online casinos and e-sports are some of the many sectors that technology is changing. In the upcoming year, new technologies will have a profound effect on casino players in general.

In this piece, I am going to discuss how different technologies will improve the online casino experience for both players and operators. I will also discuss the importance of embracing new technology in the quest to maintain market dominance.

Casino games are the most popular types of online games played by players at casino online Nigeria. These casino games are designed effectively; players can play table games instantly on their computers or other gadgets. Some of the most popular casino games that players love to play include baccarat, blackjack, slots, poker, video poker, keno and scratch cards.

Among all the casino games that exist today, the most popular are:

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a widely played casino game in the world. The main goal of the blackjack game is to have a hand with the closest value to 21, and with this value, you have to outscore your opponents. To do this, you can get as many cards as possible until you have the closest value; however, remember that if there are still other hands that are higher than yours, then you lose. But don’t worry because blackjack online is easy and fun to play.

2. Slots

Slots use a special set of symbols, and there are many different slots games online. The most popular ones are the fruit slots. With these slot machines, you can win money by completing a certain task, such as collecting candies or rolling the dice (jackpot slots).

3. Roulette

Roulette is a game where you can wager your money on numbers from 0 to 36. The online roulette game is played with a wheel where you place your chips and hope the ball will land on the number you chose. However, there are some strategies that can make it easier for you to win.


The industry is just starting to feel the massive benefits that blockchain technology can bring. The beauty of blockchain technology is that it will make online casinos run more like actual casinos. Gone will be the worries about transparency and security because, by design, blockchain does neither of these things well.

Additionally, specific cryptocurrencies can help players from around the world participate in online gaming. Blockchain comes with many benefits to the gaming industry; however, it can also come with a few challenges.

The biggest challenge for blockchain is that it is still in the very early stages of innovation. As technologies evolve, this can become a liability as competition and profitability rise in response to new technology. Before we know it, there will be a new technological block raising its big head to make it easier for online casinos to compete.

Transparent Players’ Data

The ability to preserve player personal data will improve security and transparency for online casinos. Blockchain is a natural fit for online casinos, as it is completely transparent by design. With blockchain, online casino players can access their data and use it however they please while the operator has complete control of the data.

What this means for operators and players alike is that players can use their data however they wish while the operator retains control of all personal information.

Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in online casinos is still in a nascent stage, and the technology has many potential applications. This technology allows computers to make decisions based on memorized data about a specific game/casino. The application of artificial intelligence in online gaming can mean near-instantaneous deposits, payouts and redemption, as well as the provision of customized game analysis.

As technology evolves, machines are expected to predict outcomes with increasing accuracy. However, there are many challenges associated with the use of AI in online gaming.

The biggest challenge is that all games have handicappers and individual strategies for playing them. These strategies are not yet well-known to computers, and it will be a while before they can find a way to implement them in their predictive models.

For example, computer programs have trouble finding a way to incorporate personal strategies into the AI system. This is because personal strategies develop over time and are often based on the player’s emotional state.

Void Contract

This technology allows gambling to happen only when parties agree to take part in it. This ensures that there is no possibility of cheating or coercion involved in any of the games. Perhaps best of all, this technology is already being used in some online casinos.

Liquidity of Currency

If the currency is not freely convertible, then it can only be used within the borders of that particular online casino. This is a limitation that does not exist with cryptocurrencies.

Combining these two factors means that smart contracts will become increasingly popular as a payment method for online casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments. Online casinos need to implement blockchain-based solutions because they offer some advantages.

Blockchain technology has great potential to bring transparency to all types of transactions and records in online casinos. This is particularly true in the case of cryptocurrencies. It would be nearly impossible to cheat or steal something from an online casino that only accepts blockchain payments.

The efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology are especially relevant when it comes to online casinos. Gambling services need to be profitable to maximize profit margins. If a company’s customers are not satisfied with the service, they may simply stop gambling at that particular casino rather than risk losing all their funds on an uncertain outcome.


Internet of Things (IoT) connections will also be a huge impact on the online gambling industry. The greater efficiency of 5G compared to older telecom technologies means that online casinos will be able to offer high-quality live streaming services.

In other words, 5G means that you will never have to leave your home to gamble. You can simply enjoy the convenience of your own living room and stream all of your favorite casino games from an online casino in another part of the world.

This is a tremendous increase in online gambling accessibility, and it will undoubtedly lead to an uptick in player spending. The only real downside to the advancement is that the lower latency and improved performance of 5G will have a negative impact on the speed of most mobile gaming.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming has already taken place in online casinos, and people are waiting for the impact of this technology on online casinos. This technology has a big impact on the online gambling industry. Gaming in VR casinos is likely to make the entire experience of gamblers more engaging and realistic.

Amid classic games like blackjack or roulette, virtual reality technology will greatly enhance players’ experience, which will be more interactive and real feeling. For example, online casinos will include a virtual reality blackjack game which will allow players to play live dealer games.

According to the estimates, there are around 2 billion mobile gamers across the globe, and virtual reality technology is going to boost this number. VR gaming is expected to attract all kinds of players in online casinos; players who do not prefer poker or slot games will find it easy to play casino games in virtual reality machines.

Final Thought

When we look at emerging technologies in the online gambling industry, it’s clear that blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream. The way this technology can improve efficiency and security in online casinos will certainly attract investors.

The global market for online gambling has been growing at an impressive average rate of about 12 percent every year since 2001. However, there is a dark cloud hanging over this sector: the Indian government’s decision to ban most offshore gambling websites starting April 15, 2018 (although these sites have already been blocked for years).


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