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How to Design a Quality app for your business

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As cellphones become increasingly ‘smart’, the apps that we use are becoming more and more advanced and we rely on them to perform a range of functions. From setting alarms and reminders to enjoying our leisure time with a variety of entertainment options, most people use a variety of different apps every day.

Americans spend an average of 5 to 6 hours on their phones every day, checking their phone on average every 12 minutes. For many people, cellphones have become an integral part of their business and personal lives, so businesses that want to stay relevant often offer their services via specially designed apps that allow their users to interact through their cellphone.

There are a number of new technologies that businesses are incorporating into their apps to make them more user-friendly. Features such as geo-location allow targetted ads and offers, while push notifications encourage users to engage with an app more often than they otherwise might.     

The impact of mobile technology on gaming

Many websites have mobile versions or apps that offer a different user experience to the main website, with their mobile version offering more efficient functionality and a simpler user experience. Some apps actually operate differently to take into account the fact that people use their cellphones in a different way to their home computers.

This is particularly true of gaming apps as developers have adapted their work to suit the style of gaming that is more popular on cellphones. Users often want shorter games that can be played on the go, so developers design mobile games with in-built time limits and games designed to be played on the go.

The best games offer a user-friendly interface that makes gameplay engaging with high-quality graphics and state-of-the-art design to make it interesting and fun for players. Many include additional extras such as bonus games and other incentives designed to make the playing experience more enjoyable.

Gaming apps that are getting it right

One app that has won over fans is that of DraftKings Casino, a gaming app designed to capitalize on the popularity of the existing Draftkings website. Although they earned their reputation in fantasy sports, the quality of their casino app has encouraged gaming fans in their thousands to sign up.

Part of the popularity of their casino site stems from the excellent design, provided by NetEnt, and the exceptional quality of their gaming software, International Game Technology. The company responsible for the IGT gaming software has won numerous awards for their casino games including Best Slot Manufacturer of the Year at the International Gaming Awards and the top award at the Global Gaming Business Annual Gaming and Technology Awards among others.

This commitment to using cutting edge technology and award-winning design has generated a significant following among casino gamers. Players can enjoy top-quality gameplay with the security of using a trusted website with a secure payment system that is fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Using Artificial Intelligence in apps

Other features, such as Artificial Intelligence, have been used to create apps that respond to their users’ needs and ‘learn’ how to meet their needs more effectively. Some of these, such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, have become household names, but there are many other ‘smart’ apps that can be used to organize almost every aspect of users’ lives.

These include wellness apps such as Wysa and Youper that keep track of users’ mental and physical health, learning about them in order to observe changes in their behaviour our routines. Replika is a mental health app that uses Artificial Intelligence to help users with anxiety and other illnesses, providing a chatroom that learns about the user to provide a more tailored service.

Apps that use artificial intelligence benefit from the app’s ability to learn about the user and adapt to their needs, making them more engaging and increasing their usability. As this technology becomes more widespread, it is may become possible to connect apps together to share information and make the user experience even smoother.

How to maximize app engagement using technology 

To develop a user-friendly app that appeals to a business’s target demographic, it is important to assess the variety of technology available. With everything from pin-point geo-location to the ability to sort through your photo albums, there is an app to help with almost any task.

By incorporating the latest technology into an app, it instantly boosts its appeal among users that want to see how it works and find out more about the practicalities of using it. Using new technology is also a great way to keep your offering current and ensure that your app isn’t instantly overtaken by a more up-to-date version that has more functionality.

Businesses that already have a reputation will want to maintain that by ensuring they keep their competitive edge with a well-thought-out app that adds to the user experience. By considering how and where their users will be interacting with their app, designers and developers can incorporate elements that make their app the users’ first choice, whether that’s for convenience, speed or entertainment value.

Apps should be intuitive and easily accessible to as many users as possible, and using new technology can be a great way to encourage users to add an app to their mobile device. Loyal users will often use a website and an app of a trusted brand, increasing their reach and making the user experience joined-up and seamless.


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