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How to Fix HP Touchpad Not Working?

How to Fix HP Touchpad Not Working

Is your HP laptop touchpad not working? Well, this could be very annoying and frustrating, particularly when you are working on something urgent or know that you have not done anything that causes such an issue. But do not panic people as this common issue can easily and quickly be resolved. Continue reading this post to know the ways if your HP laptop keyboard and touchpad not working.

How to Fix the Issue when HP Touchpad Not Working?

Here are some surefire ways to fix the issue if your HP laptop touchpad not working windows 10. However, you do not have to try them all. So, look at the following to learn more:

Method 1: Enable the touchpad and related services for your HP laptop

If the touchpad services on your system are not enabled, then it will not work. So, check for the same and fix it. Well, there are two different ways to enable the touchpad service in your HP system. And they are the following:

Way 1 – Check out the ‘dots’ at the ‘upper left corner’: At the upper left corner on the pane of the touchpad, there is typically a dot. So, double tap on that dot when your mouse touchpad not working HP.

Way 2 – Enable the settings of the touchpad: Go to the ‘Mouse Settings’ in your HP laptop to enable the mouse touchpad. You can follow the steps given below to enable the hp laptop touchpad not working windows 10, 8, and 7:

·         On the keyboard, press the X and Windows Logo keys together

·         Click on the ‘Settings’ option in the ‘popup menu’

·         Now, choose ‘Devices’

·         Select ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ and click on the ‘Additional Mouse Options’

·         Choose the Hardware Tab, Touchpad Tab, or Device Settings Tab to make sure that the HP touchpad is enabled

·         Lastly, reboot your HP laptop and try to use your touchpad

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Method 2: Update your HP touchpad driver

The outdated or missing touchpad driver can cause your HP laptop touchpad not working issue. So, update your HP touchpad driver to fix this issue. And again there are two ways to do so – automatically and manually.

Update the HP touchpad driver automatically: If you are unfamiliar with the drivers, then you can do it automatically with different software. These can be used to recognize the system of the windows to find the right driver for the video adapter. You do not require downloading the incorrect touchpad driver. After having such software, you will need to do the following to update the driver automatically:

·         Run the software and choose the ‘Scan Now’. The software will scan the system and detect the drivers and related issues

·         Now, click on the ‘Update’ to the flagged HP touchpad device to download the right version of the driver automatically

·         You can even click on ‘Update All’ to download and install the correct version

·         Now, restart your HP laptop and try to use your touchpad

Update the HP touchpad driver manually: If your HP laptop touchpad not working on windows 7, 8, and 10, then you can update the HP touchpad driver by manually searching from the manufacturer in your system. Make sure to download and install the touchpad driver that is compatible with your system and its windows operating system. However, this method will require computer skills and time.

The touchpad is not working even after updating the driver? Then you must try the next method to fix this issue.

Method 3: Troubleshoot the hardware and related issues

If the HP laptop touchpad is not working, then you should try the troubleshooting utilities in your windows to fix the hardware issues automatically. And for this, you will need to follow the steps listed here:

·         Open ‘Control Panel’ in your HP laptop and select ‘Troubleshooting’

·         Click on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option

·         Now, choose ‘Hardware and Device’

·         And, then click on the ‘NEXT’ button. Wait for some moments to finish the troubleshooting process

·         Follow the ‘on-screen wizard’ to fix the issues detected automatically

·         Lastly, reboot your HP laptop and use your touchpad

So, these are the effective yet simplest methods when your HP EliteBook touchpad not working, HP Envy touchpad not working, HP Envy x360 touchpad not working, HP Chromebook touchpad not working, HP ProBook touchpad not working. In case your touchpad still does not work even after trying these methods, you should connect with the support team of the HP to get professional support and adequate solutions to fix this issue.

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