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Should You Buy a 10-Inch or an 11-Inch Laptops?

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This article is to help you consider if a smaller laptop is the best choice for you and what is considered small is the 10- and 11-inch laptops. These are often adjustable to use as an iPad because of their size but that are still able to be used as a laptop. Depending on your needs, which is important to examine before deciding, it is an easy process when looking at which best fits for you. To help with your decision we will supply a few reasons why you should buy a 10-inch or an 11-inch laptops by looking at price, processor, storage, and battery life.

Due to their smaller size, they are easier to carry around as they are super portable as compared to bigger laptops. Both the 10-inch and the 11-inch laptops would certainly allow you to surf the web, edit certain documents that do not require high processing, and watching movies. These are considered as the common necessities of having a laptop. The other aspects of a laptop depend on personal preference or use which we will get into.

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If your goal is to work on software with heavy processors for things such as video editing, or photo editing then I would highly recommend that you go with a bigger laptop. Any type of heavy editing on anything this size is a major no. especially if you are a gamer that requires a laptop for those purposes mentioned above, like heavy gaming or video/photo editing I would highly recommend you stay clear of a laptop these sizes.

The reason is that these laptops are usually powered by Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium processors which are both low in terms of not being capable of handling intense and demanding tasks. This does not mean they are helpless this just means that they focus on supplying the necessities such as we said surfing the web or streaming.

The smaller laptops are recommended for more basic level needs such as school if you just work on essays, research, or daily schooling websites. These smaller laptops are better for college students because many already have heavy books to carry around, so the lighter laptop is easier. As some may get into advanced schooling programs such as photo editing or specific web development programs then I would recommend getting an already large computer since you are expected to use heavier processor.


The price is going to be cheaper because you are giving up a lot when you step down from a larger laptop. This is a pro because a lot of people may not use all the aspects that larger laptops have to offer thus you do not have to feel like you are overpaying. Instead, you can get a cheaper laptop that supplies everything you need and takes up less space. Remember bigger does not always mean better.

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The smaller the laptop the smaller the drives for storing applications and files meaning less storage space for you. Some drives are that are as small as 64GB laptops which are smaller than the storages you get in smartphones.  In a laptop 64GB is the lowest you should be willing to go, even then most of your work needs to be stored in the cloud if you stored photos and videos. Simply storing spreadsheets and text should be ok.

Battery Life

Battery life is an interesting topic in terms of being compared to other laptops. 10-inch or 11-inch laptops tend to have a longer battery life because they are using less than their counterparts that have heavy processors. can last up to a full day of battery life, the last three percent longer than their counterparts.


Small laptops are a great idea, just evaluate what you plan on using your laptop for, and if it’s just a basic everyday task like school papers, browsing, Netflix that, and YouTube then this size laptops are great for you. There are a lot of pros and cons to choosing these smaller sizes but if you feel that you are not giving up much when downsizing then that is a good sign. Overall, they may thing to consider when choosing a smaller laptop or 11-inch laptops is considering your needs and if the smaller laptops can fulfill them.


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