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How to Reward Your Team this Holiday Season with Crypto


The holiday season is here, and as people break for a few days of celebration, it’s custom to send off your team with gifts. If you have been giving them gifts for years, it’s common for your idea tank to run dry. Lucky for you, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can make the best gifts. Crypto is no longer regarded as the domain for nerds. Even the less technological savvy members of your team will appreciate the gift. Crypto is exciting and is continually growing in relevance. They are versatile gifts, and it’s hard to go wrong regardless of who you are gifting. Here is how you can reward your team this season using crypto.

  • Gift Cards

A bitcoin gift card should be your go-to gift this holiday. There are plenty of websites that sell cryptocurrency gift cards. You should find a trustworthy site, preferably one with good reviews. They should also offer what you want; a variety of crypto widens your gifting options. You should figure out the amount you wish to spend on your team members before buying gift cards. Once you complete the payment, the gift cards will be sent to you. Most websites allow the recipients to redeem the gift cards on their sites. They are convenient and easy to use. It will be a non-traditional gift but enjoyable nonetheless. The team can spend the gift card on what they love most. It will be a successful holiday, and they will be back in the office feeling motivated.

  • Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are becoming the most preferred way of storing cryptocurrency offline. If some of your team members buy bitcoin already, a hardware wallet will be an incredible gift. Hacks are not uncommon in the cryptocurrency world. That is why you need to store your digital asset in a secure place. These types of wallets are the safest. When you buy cryptocurrencies and put them in, the assets will be protected by an encrypted pin. The user generates the pin, and if anyone tries the wrong pin thrice, the device will self-destruct. It’s also immune to computer viruses compared to software. It’s possible to verify transactions through the hardware wallet without going online. It can host multiple virtual currencies in one wallet. When you consider all these benefits, the wallet is a priceless holiday gift. However, not all hardware wallets are secure; ensure you do a bit of research and buy from a trusted brand. You should also consider paper wallets.

  • Physical Coins

Another way to buy cryptocurrencies is by acquiring physical coins. The physical manifestation of virtual currencies is also worth giving as a gift. If you are looking for collectibles, aesthetically attractive holiday gifts, the coins should be at the top of your list. They are beautiful arts of work that anyone will appreciate. The coins are usually made of gold, brass, and silver. You have to be on the lookout because they are generally released as a limited edition. They are usually delivered in an impressive box or casing that is ready for gifting. Mostly these coins are for show. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hold any value; they still have real value depending on the type of coin you buy. When you buy cryptocurrencies in the form of physical coins, you will have an address or private key to redeem the funds. Find out if anyone in your team is collecting such items. It will mean more to them as a gift than to others.


These three ways are the best way to gift your team for the holidays. Buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies from a reputable online retailer and impress your staff. Those are the types of gifts people will keep talking about for a long time.


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