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Laundry Masher Review 2022 – How Good Can This Be?

Laundry Masher Review – Are you looking for a cheaper way to do the laundry without always buying those costly laundry detergent? Do laundry detergent take up a lot of money from your pocket monthly? Do you have sensitive skin that react to laundry detergents?

If yes, to any of the above questions, then you need to read through this review. We have a new product called Laundry Masher. It is a washing sphere that you put into your washing machine instead of detergent to remove stains and odor from clothing thus, leaving them fresh and clean.

What is Laundry Masher?

Laundry Masher is a lightweight, compact and portable precision-made washing sphere that you put into your washing machine instead of using detergent. It doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals that can harm your family or damage your clothes. Laundry Masher is a sphere that contains uniquely made Nano Silver Infused Ceramic Beads that react with the water to deep clean fabrics quick!

Laundry Masher works like some sort of magic, with their strange pineapple shape design it’s now turning out to be the choice of many, and its beginning to replace more traditional methods for washing laundries.

After a detailed research on Laundry Balls, we reviewed Laundry Masher. This Laundry Masher Review, will reveal to you all you need to know and more. Kindly read through it. Much thanks to you…

Laundry Masher Review

How Does Laundry Masher Work? (Laundry Masher Review)

We will explain in details how this ceramic Laundry balls work. The concept is basic and backed by science.

These balls are made of:

  • Ceramic beads that absorb odors and gather dirt.
  • Negative and far infrared ions to guarantee sterilization.
  • Antibiotic to remove mold and microscopic organisms.
  • Magnets to reduce rust and separate water clusters.
  • Alkali to increase the water’s pH levels to that of a detergent.
  • These components work together to eliminate dirt and odors.

One major thing that I continued reading in Laundry Masher review, is how clean and fresh clothes come out when using this item. This was something I was distrustful of until I experienced it myself.

The fabrics don’t have a perfumed smell, as with ordinary detergents, yet they smell clean and fresh. They don’t have any dirt residue either. That was something I wasn’t expecting when writing this Laundry Masher ball review.

At the point when I compose this Laundry Masher review, I considered whether I needed to truly discuss the absence of an scent. Numerous individuals utilize detergents only for the smell. In any case, I realize that a lot of individuals prefer fragrance-free detergents. Also, another thing I experienced different regarding was adding essential oils to my loads. They do add a pleasant subtle scent that isn’t overwhelming.

Something else I need to include in my Laundry Masher review is advice on the most proficient method to utilize Laundry Masher balls. I’ve clarified how Laundry Masher functions, yet you need to utilize it appropriately to get the right outcomes. Else, you’ll end up with a load of filthy, smelly fabrics.

Laundry Masher Review

The process is quite simple:

  1. Add a load of clothes to your washing machine.
  2. Place the Laundry Masher on top of the clothes.
  3. Choose your normal setting for your load.
  4. Start the cycle.
  5. Toss in the dryer or hang dry after the cycle is done.  

Other Laundry Masher reviews may offer some extra tips for washing, yet this is the technique that turned out best for me.

Technical Specifications on Laundry Masher (Laundry Masher Reviews)

Here are the specifications of Laundry Masher. You should know this prior to utilizing:

  • Height 107 mm and 63 mm width (at widest point)
  • Shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) exterior with polypropylene (PP) mesh core
  • Vented design decreases rattling  

Laundry Masher complies with the European Directives 2014/30/EU.

  • Product Size: 63 x 107 x 63mm
  • Weight: 99.3g

Features of Laundry Masher

Here are the main features of laundry masher:

  • Nanosilver infused ceramic beads mash away dirt and bacteria.
  • Does not leave chemical residue that irritates the skin.
  • Eco-friendly; no chemical substances into your septic tank or sewer. 
  • Compatible with all kinds of washing machine.
  • It can last up to 1,000 loads.
  • Safe for individuals with allergies.
  • Infrared ions ensure sterilization.
  • Save money on purchasing detergents.           
Laundry Masher Reviews 1

Why Should I Purchase Laundry Masher? (Laundry Masher Review)

Most people ask this question however, Laundry Masher is the only laundry help you’ll need to ensure that your clothes are fresh and clean. It disposes of strong odors, and can be utilized two hundred times or more, and it’s completely eco-friendly.

Laundry Masher is highly effective. Laundry Masher contains many uniquely designed nanosilver infused ceramic beads that have been tested to be antimicrobial, eliminating microscopic organisms and bad odors with each cycle.

Laundry Masher is reusable. It can be used more than 200 times before needing a substitution. You’ll save a lot of money by not depending on washing machine brand detergents any longer. With the save money, you can buy other things or even better, purchase another Laundry Masher or two. They’re great!

Laundry Masher is eco-friendly. Mother nature has taking a serious beating in this generation. We would all be able to rest easy thinking about utilizing items that are sustainable. What’s more, Landry Masher is suitable in many aspects. No more need to use destructive chemicals that can not only consume the skin and provoke serious allergic reactions, yet can likewise seep into your septic tank or the environment. Laundry Masher is great for all!

Laundry Masher Review

Who is Laundry Masher For? (Laundry Masher Review)

This product is for everybody. Nonetheless, for being careful with my Laundry Masher review, I would suggest this product explicitly for any individual who:

  • Wants to save money on laundry detergents
  • Wants an eco-friendly method to wash clothes
  • Wants a simple method to keep their clothes clean

This product can profit every family in numerous ways. We can all use some additional cash in our bank accounts and to leave less of an effect on the environment. I truly needed to stress the cash saving and eco-friendly parts of this product in my Laundry Masher review.

Benefits of Laundry Masher Balls

There are various benefits to Laundry masher balls over more traditional methods of keeping the Laundry clean. We will take a gander at every one of them:

  • No stresses over running out of Detergents
  • Much better for the Environment
  • Perfect for those with Allergies
  • No mess
  • Ideal for sensitive Skin

I’m certain there are considerably more benefits yet these appear to be the most fundamental reasons behind using Laundry Masher Balls. Eco-friendly Laundry Masher Balls certainly score high for some reasons over customary methods of doing the Laundry.

Laundry Masher Washing Balls-Never Run Out Of Detergent

How often have you gone to do the Laundry just to realize there isn’t adequate Detergent to take care of business? Many times if you are in any way similar to most of us.

Laundry Masher washing balls are eco-friendly, implying that you never need to stress over this. The Laundry Masher washing Balls are consistently there waiting to do the work. No compelling reason to hop in the Car just to get Detergent which is a major saving in itself.

Laundry Balls Are Better For The Environment

There are no chemical substances in the Laundry Masher Balls so they are vastly improved for the Environment. The way that they are so reusable implies that you will set aside cash over the long haul and are not propagating the manufacturing of plastic bottles to produce compartments for your Detergents.

Caring for the Environment is to a greater extent a worry to us all, and Laundry masher assume a significant role in assisting us with doing that.

One other vital point is that Laundry Masher works to ensure that none of your detergent will be going into the Sewers when you do the Laundry. This would be a dramatic decrease in Chemicals, dyes, and so on, getting into the environment. While there are presently a lot more Eco-friendly high effective Laundry detergents, many actually contain Chemicals that do the waterways only damage.

Laundry Masher Review

Laundry Mashers Are Perfect For Those With Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

No detergents, no chemicals, or dyes implies that anybody with sensitive Skin or Allergies would do well to switch over to Laundry Mashers at the earliest opportunity. The way that they don’t utilize regular techniques for cleaning means that they are ideal for any individual who is sensitive or can turn out in rashes and so on, in light of conventional washing products.

For Babies, Laundry Masher Washing Balls are an ideal answer. Numerous Babies have delicate skin and taking out detergents from the Laundry will do only great. Laundry masher likely could be the solution to numerous skin allergy issues that a lot of individuals get from regular Laundry products.

Laundry Masher Balls Make No Mess

Laundry Masher Balls won’t ever make a mess. With even eco-friendly high effectiveness Laundry Detergent you can in any case get messy. I expect everybody has once in a while missed the little regions where you pour your Soaps, Detergents and so on, and got the Washing Machine really messy. At the point when the ordinary Laundry Detergents are very full then this is considerably bound to occur.

Laundry Masher prevents you from spilling liquid everywhere.

buy Laundry Masher

Pros of the Laundry Masher (Laundry Masher Review)

  • Laundry Masher is 100% chemical-free.
  • It is completely user-friendly, it’s made to work directly out of the case with negligible exertion or work!  
  • Laundry Masher is a guaranteed high quality, Durable and long-lasting product, intended for long life span.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • No-hassle returns, If you are not happy with your product, you can return it inside 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Cons of the Laundry Masher (Laundry Masher Review)

  • Heavily filthy clothes may require an extra wash.
  • Limited stock.
  • It can only be purchased online, though it’s not a problem because most people already buy different products online.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the Laundry Masher Review

Do I have to add a detergent or softener for the Laundry Masher to work?

No. Your Laundry Masher is 100% detergent free. The plastic core is loaded up with lightly scented ceramic pellets that work with the mechanical activity of the Laundry Masher packaging to produce a cleaner, softer load of wash.

How long does the Laundry Masher nanosilver infused ceramic beads last?

They last roughly 200 washes. Then, you’ll need to replace your Laundry Masher.

How large is a Laundry Masher?

Your Laundry Masher is little and compact in nature and will fit easily in the palm of your hand.

Are the Laundry Mashers still effective at any setting or temperature?

Indeed. Every Laundry Masher is developed of durable, rigid thermoplastic rubber that is designed to deal with the heaviest load at the highest temperature setting. Each shell is shock-absorbing and uniquely intended to decrease noise inside your machine. The washing vents along every Laundry Masher guarantee an effective clean with each cycle.

What are the advantages of Laundry Masher Balls?

Obviously, it’s not all about washing. Here are the advantages of clothing masher which would help you and individuals around you.

  • Nano silver-infused ceramic beads kill microscopic organisms and odors
  • Eco-friendly, no detergents
  • Pleasant fresh cloth fragrance  
Laundry Masher Review

Does Laundry Masher truly work?

Prior to buying, see whether the laundry masher works. Messy heaps of laundry are really gross. We strip off our sweat-soaked, smelly clothes and throw them into a heap that sits for days, sometimes weeks. Shocking! That laundry is consumed with germs. Laundry Masher is a naturally efficient laundry that works such that helps to clean your clothes also (or shockingly better) as the premium detergents.

It’s possible that you don’t believe me? Then, at this point see what other people who have utilized Laundry Masher have experienced.

Does Laundry Masher accompany any kind of guarantee?

Indeed. In case you’re not totally happy with your buy under any condition, basically let us know and return your Laundry Masher within 30-days for a full refund. Attempt Laundry Masher for yourself without worry.

Customers Review on the Laundry Masher

”I don’t like ironing. Since the time I requested my Laundry Masher (Pineapple) I haven’t needed to stress over ugly wrinkles and my pants balling together. Laundry Masher makes doing the laundry a lot more easier. So natural to utilize and I love the scent. It’s for real. You needn’t bother with detergents any longer.” – Vivian W.

”I’m glad to give a review. My child is sensitive to most brands of laundry detergents. A companion recommended I try a Laundry Masher. Presently I’m ready to wash everybody’s clothes together in the same load without any issues. Everything comes out all clean and fresh. No rashes. No tears. I love it.” – Lucy H.

”I got a Laundry Masher Pineapple from my mother prior to taking off to school. This thing works incredible. Don’t need to carry detergent bottles around the residence anymore. Regardless of how messy my clothes get, this thing gets them clean. So happy I don’t need to spend my additional cash on detergents. This thing does everything.” – Blake D.

Contact Laundry Masher

Email us – support@laundrymasher.com

By phone – United States 866 206 1533 |United Kingdom 03308 180912 |Australia (02) 5133 5003

Laundry Masher Review

Final Thoughts on the Laundry Masher Review

To summarize this review, at the most essential level, a Laundry masher is an option in contrast to washing detergents and should make the Laundry clean without the addition of fabric softeners, fabric conditioners, and whatever else you ordinarily add to the Laundry to get it fresh and clean.

Laundry Masher contain no detergents by any means, not even high proficiency laundry detergent. They work on the accompanying guideline:

Laundry Masher spherical balls utilize Ionic cleaning to penetrate deep down into the fabrics of the Laundry to clean them without fading the fabrics. Laundry masher lift the dirt through this Ionic cleaning without the requirement for any cleansers/detergent or any of the other typical additions that a large portion of us, use to get clothes clean and smelling decent.

Where Can I Buy Laundry Masher?

Since we first wrote this, many people have asked us where to get the best deal on Laundry Masher. The brand is actually running a promotion right now: Free Shipping on ALL orders and a 100% money-back guarantee with a 50% discount offer with free shipping, so you can try Laundry Masher risk-free. They’re also running some special deals if you buy more than one. Click the button below to get your special deal –


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