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Girls building empire Make Money on Instagram This 2021

Make Money on Instagram

Social media… There is gold in them thar hills my friend! Or, in this case, followers. 

If you can build a buzzing social community quickly, you’ll grow an empire and make huge money from it. 

Now, building a great social media presence isn’t an easy task.

There are hundreds of training programs out there promising to help you become an influencer. Girls Building Empires is one of them. 

So, is it a scam (like most) or can we really trust them?

A Lil’ Bit About Girls Building Empires

Girls Building Empire is your one-stop-shop for learning how to grow your Instagram account.

As an Instagram marketer, you’d want to have a solid strategy for your account. You’d also want to have tools that are readily available for you when things get tough. 

When choosing the best information about how to be successful in your social media marketing, you’d probably want it to be from someone who has already achieved the same kind of success. 

These are the people behind Girls Building Empire (just check their more than 2 million followers on IG).

In the course, they will share their blueprint to make it to the top of Instagram and build an audience as passionate as you about your niche. 

What Does Girls Building Empires Offer Me?

Their goal is to get you to blow up your Instagram with their 12-week hands-on training. You’ll build your page, engage your community, and make a lot of cash in the process.

This course will teach you how to build a following, how to engage with your audience, and what to do with the information you have learned. 

You will learn how to create a compelling feed with high-quality images and videos that get the most engagement. You will discover how to set up your Instagram marketing strategy, and get an intensive course on how to grow your Instagram profile.

You’ll also enjoy access to insider tips, tutorials, and tools that will help you gain even more followers and draw in traffic. And finally, you will get the chance to learn from the mistakes of successful female entrepreneurs who are sharing their secrets inside the GBE community. The course is marketed at girls but boys or couples can use it and get the same results.

Girls Building Empires Module-per-Module Breakdown

GBE Course: Module 1 

When you are starting any business, it’s super important to choose the right niche. The first module will cover everything you need to know about how to select the perfect niche for your business.

Module 1 also gives you the necessary insights into what it takes to develop a successful Instagram business that attracts an audience and engages them. This is not only the most important core skill required to build your online business, but also sets the foundation for everything else that will follow.

GBE Course: Module 2

This module of the Girls Building Empire course focuses on how to fill out your Instagram profile effectively. 

You will learn how to write a unique bio that tells people what you do, where you work from, and where to find you online. You will also learn how to create a variety of different sections so that your profile is more informative and engaging for followers.

The goal of your profile is to establish credibility and build trust. People will only stay on your page if they perceive you as an expert in your field. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, and don’t see any background information on your company (you), they will leave and never return.

GBE Course: Module 3

In the previous modules, you saw how to create a profile and various ways to fill it so that it is effective. In this module, you will learn how to create a good caption for your profile.

A caption is a short paragraph describing your profile. It should be short and descriptive at the same time, since you have limited space to write your caption. The purpose of the caption is primarily to attract more people to your profile.

In order for you to attract users that will respond, you have to understand what they are looking for when they see a person’s profile. In other words, if you know what attracts people’s attention, you can use it in your captions and improve the effectiveness of your profile.

GBE Course: Module 4

If you’ve been following along from week 1, you should have a solid foundation in place, and have built up a decent following. Now it is time to grow that audience to a level that will allow you to monetize your account.

In this module, they focus on building a solid foundation for your Instagram strategy, and introduce you to a powerful formula that will help you build your audience quickly.

You have to aim to create content that will be worth sharing. The easiest way to do this is by creating funny or interesting content. The more shareable your content, the more exposure you’ll get for your business. 

By studying viral posts, during this module you’ll also learn what works and why it works.

Girls Building Empire Pricing Tag

It’s possible to get started for just $149, or you can pay in monthly installments – which could end up being a lot – by going for a higher tier ($195)

I think their price is great, because it allows people who are looking for a long-term investment in their business to be able to afford it. 

It also allows them to look at having a membership as an investment because they know that it could help them make money over time based on their success and how well they do with this program.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Time?

Girl’s Building Empire is the step-by-step Instagram marketing course for women who want to build a business and brand on Instagram while creating a life they love.

All businesses need to understand that Instagram isn’t just a place to showcase product pictures and marketing messages — it’s an opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers at the touch of a finger. 

It’s also a great way to build your brand, increase your influence, connect with community members, and grow as a business. In other words, there are real benefits to having an active account on Instagram.

So, no matter what your situation is right now, you can learn how to reach more people, attract more customers, and gain more influence. 

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established entrepreneur looking to expand your reach, Girl’s Building Empire will teach you how to use Instagram to increase your profits. 


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