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Motorcycle Cover Types that you must know

Motorcycle Cover Types
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Even as a professional rider, you may not predict what can happen when cruising in your trusty bike. Anything like crashing, theft, and damage from natural disasters could happen. That’s why a motorcycle cover is vital.

A motorcycle insurance cover protects against damages and injuries your bike may cause or be involved in. If you’re a resident in Singapore, you should have at least one insurance cover. In this guide, you will learn about it and other types of motorcycle covers. Are you eager to know? Let’s find out!

3 Motorcycle Insurance Types in Singapore

Before taking a cover for your motorbike, consider your needs. It will help you choose the right insurance policy for your motorcycle.

1. Third-Party Only (TPO)

As expressed earlier, it’s a requirement to have at least one insurance cover for your bike in Singapore. It’s the Third Party Only. It’s the minimum you require. Reputable insurance companies such as https://www.directasia.com/motorcycle-insurance/ offer this service. If you contact them, they will inform and advise you.

The cover protects you against claims from a third party only. Examples include;

• Catering for death or injury caused to someone else during an accident involving your bike

• Covering damages your motorbike caused during an accident

• Paying for legal expenses incurred following an accident case with your bike

Unfortunately, the Third Party Only cover will not cater for your motorcycle in case of the following;

• Damage caused by fire

• A stolen motorbike

• Crashes into anything else other than a vehicle

• Non-crash damages to the bike such as vandalism

• Damage from natural disasters such as floods or fire

The advantage of this cover is its cheap cost. Also, when you accidentally crash into an expensive vehicle, you don’t have to worry about the hefty budget to repair it.

2. Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT)

In this cover, you will enjoy all the protection in the Third Party Only cover, plus when stolen or fire damages your bike. The list of things covered include the following;

• Injury or death to someone else

• Someone else property damage

• Accident legal costs

• Damages caused by fire to your motorbike

• Your stolen motorcycle

Things not covered include;

• Damage caused to your motorbike through an accident

• Damages resulting in crashing into other things than vehicles

• None crash damages to your bike

• Damages from natural disasters to your motorcycle

This cover will be ideal if you operate in areas famous for motorcycle theft. Covering your bike from fire is also a smart move. Though fire is unlikely to appear, the petrol the motorbike operates in may burst into flames.

With this policy, you will need to spend much more than a Third Party Only Cover. But it’s worth every coin.

3. Full Comprehensive

It’s the best to apply for your bike but the most expensive one for them all. A fully comprehensive cover will protect your motorcycle against all the other two cover types and much more. If you contact renowned insurers at https://www.directasia.com/motorcycle-insurance/, they will advise you to protect your bike using this cover if you love it.

A fully comprehensive plan covers;

• Death or injury caused to someone else in an accident involving your bike

• Damages to property belonging to someone else in an accident

• Accrued legal costs following the accident

• Your stolen motorcycle

• Your damaged bike during an accident

• Damages resulting from crashing on things other than vehicles

• Damages to your motorbike caused by different other ways than crashing

• When your motorcycle suffers damages from a natural cause such as fire

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It’s the type of coverage that will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re fully covered even when the worst happens.

The premium amount paid by each rider may differ even though the policy is the same. It is because some factors affect the motorcycle insurance cost. They include the following but are not limited to;

Factors That Determine Your Motorcycle Cover Premiums

• Motorcycle Type and Brand

Though you may apply a motorcycle cover type like ‘full comprehensive,’ you may pay much more or less than another rider with the same cover. It is because of the value and purpose of your motorbike. 

For example, some sports motorcycles are always on the road and require a lot of repairs. They also cost a lot. You will pay more premium for such a bike.

• Motorcycle Age

A young rider with no experience is prone to more risk than an experienced one. The insurer will charge you more premium to cover the risk. On the other hand, a new bike is more valuable and less prone to internal mechanical problems than an old bike. Therefore, your premiums will vary based on such factors and others the insurer considers.


As explained above, you may not know when an accident can happen while riding your motorcycle. It’s therefore essential to cover it. Check the cover type that suits you and go for it. If you don’t have the budget, ensure you apply for the minimum cover.


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