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5 Online Gaming Trends To Follow In 2021 (Must Follow)

Gaming is constantly changing and, thankfully, for the best. Gamers can expect better gaming experiences thanks to technological advancements, faster internet, and increasing connectivity. These are the five most important online gaming trends for 2021.

Gaming – Cross Platform

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It was only a pipedream to imagine playing online and following online gaming trends with other gamers using different hardware. Cross-platform gaming has been possible thanks to time, innovation, and competition. Gaming on any device is now possible, regardless of whether it’s a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

Although the change was made a while ago, more games will allow cross-platform play this year. Now you can connect via the internet and play with other gamers on another platform. A steady internet connection and a fast connection might be the best thing. Xbox players can play with PlayStation and PC gamers. Some games can also be accessed via Android or iOS.

Cloud Gaming

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Gaming is one of the many industries that have made the switch to cloud-based platforms. Although the concept is not new, developers have yet to fully embrace it. However, this year may prove to be more promising than the others. GeForce Now by Nvidia and PlayStation Now from Sony was the first to make this happen. Google launched Stadia in November 2019 and Microsoft is set to launch Project X-Cloud in 2021.

These video game streaming services aim to deliver a steady stream of video games to your device. You don’t need to purchase consoles. Instead, you can access them online without having to download any games. However, the idea doesn’t remove existing hardware-based games or give you exclusive access to new ones. It is a way to offer an alternative to gamers who don’t have access to hardware devices.

Future developments should bring lower latency to gamers. A millisecond difference between you and your server could make the difference between winning or losing a game. Slow reactions are the best way to fail if you love fast chases and shooting.

Online Gaming

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In 2021, online gaming is expected to continue growing. Online gaming trends are now available. Online games now offer a variety of games like racing games, Puzzle games, adventure games, and earning money games that allow link slot depo pulsa. You can also access them from your smartphone.

You can place bets on many sports, including horse racing, football, and e-sports. Here is a comprehensive list of games you can now access online, including hacks for beginners.

Experts expect the online gaming industry to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2019 to 2025. The online gaming industry will be worth USD 102.997 billion by 2025. This growth can be attributed both to increased accessibility on different devices and real-money offers at gambling sites. Developers are using improved animation to improve user experience.

All Inclusive Games

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It’s no surprise that people are asking for inclusive games and experiences from game developers. Would you be willing to play a game with more inclusive characters? If you answered no, it is likely that your feelings are shared by many gamers. EA Global Consumer Insights study found that only 7% were more likely to quit a game because it introduced inclusive features.

The study found that 56% of participants agreed that games should have inclusive features. 45% agreed that they would be more inclined to play inclusive games. Inclusion was also defined differently by gamers around the world, according to the study.

It is crucial to be able to personalize players in any size, shape, or color. Players want to see more physical nuances than perfect illustrations. It is possible to create characters with LGBTQ identities.

It is important to include features that make it easier and more accessible for gamers with disabilities. It is important to create braille-friendly games for players with visual impairments and to introduce games that offer different entertainment options beyond sound effects for the hearing impaired. Players also want to see more diverse storylines, which include different cultures and healthy chats in-game.

Mobile Gaming

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People love to play their games and want to be with them everywhere. Mobile gaming is already a popular option, but it will only get better in 2021. Mobile gaming allows gamers to access a variety of games including board games, racing games, and fighting games. To provide better gaming experiences, manufacturers are constantly improving their phones.

Mobile gaming will also be transformed by 5G’s capabilities. China is still the largest beneficiary of 5G, but other countries will soon be able to offer internet speeds to the masses. 5G allows players to enjoy speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G networks. If you intend to stream your games, you will benefit from faster internet speeds.


2021 promises to be a great year for gamers. They can expect streaming, inclusion, and faster internet speeds. Many developers are creating games for smartphones, with 5G in the future.