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Open Floor Plan or Individual Offices – Which Is Better for Your Employees

Open Floor Plan or Individual Offices
Open Floor Plan or Individual Offices

When you are looking for space to rent for your new office, you need to make a difficult choice. This is where you need to decide if an open floor plan or individual office plan will work best for your people. This isn’t an easy decision by any measure or imagination. Each of the plans has several pros and cons that you need to consider. Also, you need to look at the type of work that your business usually handles before you decide. Some may require some privacy, while others don’t. Here are some of the advantages that will make your choice a pretty easy one to make.

Open Office Plan

  • Relationship building – this plan allows your workers to be more interactive in their endeavors. Your workforce needs to be cohesive if they are going to hit the targets you have set.
  • Improved health – physical and mental health can drastically be improved with regular interactions. Social spaces prove to be quite effective when it comes to dealing with mental health.
  • Flexibility – you will be far more flexible for the future than with an individual office setup.
  • Cost – the construction won’t be at an all-time high when you have an open office plan. If you have a small budget, especially when starting, the open plan will work well for you.
  • Collaboration – you need your people to be efficient; there will be more collaboration than when you have walls. It literally sends the message that walls have been broken when you have an open space.

Individual Office

As much as an open space office has significant advantages, an individual office has some significant advantages. Anyone with their own office knows how nice it is to have your own space, own furniture, and personal belongings. Whether you prefer to outfit your space with Ikea furniture, or want to drop some coin on Danny’s Desks & Chairs, your own tastes can turn your office into an enjoyable work space for years to come.

  • No distractions – the first thing you get with personal office space is that there will be no time for distraction. No time to tell tales and not get things done on time.
  • Less Noise – in an open space, there are often interactions, which may lead to isolation for some employees due to the Noise. You will likely find most employees in an available office setup with earphones on throughout the day.
  • Transmission of Illness – since COVID-19 hit, there has been an increased need for social distance among colleagues. You can control some diseases in this manner from spreading when you have individual office spaces.
  • No privacy – the one huge aspect of individual office setups is that they offer privacy. Some may need that to get on with their work. Privacy has a lot of advantages too in the office.
  • Shows Leadership – the main idea of the open office plan is to break down the proverbial walls. Shaking up the notion of hierarchy can also lead to anarchy. With the open plan, the workers have a more cohesive workplace but no clear leader.

With individual offices, the distinction is relatively straightforward, and the leaders are there to be counted.

Layout for WorkSpaces

There’s a lot to look at before deciding which way you want to go regarding office plans. However, these are just some of the advantages you get when choosing either the open plan or the individual office setup.


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